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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog 3rd Egg!- 27/03/2022

Big news this morning. Last night the Falcon laid a third egg at 23:33pm

0850: Falcon(?) incubating eggs. Briefly stood to reveal the three eggs.

0855: Peregrine seems relaxed, intermittently closing the eye in view.

0902: Peregrine now alert and looking around.

0908: Pecking at gravel.

0920: Peregrine stood briefly to change position on eggs.

0931: Now looking around, alert.

0942: Now relaxed, opening and closing eyes intermittently.

0947: Looking around, alert.

0953: Preening wing feathers, head rotating at all angles to look around.

1009: Stood briefly, exposing eggs.

1012: Stood briefly, exposing eggs, now looking alert.

1035: Peregrine now relaxed.

1044: Pecking at gravel. Briefly standing to gently turn 1 or 2 of the eggs.

1045 to 1100: Alternating looking relaxed and then alert.

13:08 Tiercel incubating the eggs

13:21 Pecking at the stones

13:26 A fly buzzes around him and catches his attention

14:26 Falcon comes in there is a lot of vocalisation but the Tiercel seems reluctant to move. The falcon has some of her lunch left on her right talon so we can assume she has just had a feed.

14.29 The tiercel finally moves off the eggs and the falcon takes over incubation duties.

15:00 Falcon Incubating 3 eggs, facing away from the camera.

15:02 Falcon looking around

15:03 Falcon turns the eggs to ensure they are evenly heated

15:26 Falcon again turns the eggs beneath her

15:40 Falcon pecks at the gravel

16:03 Falcon preens her feathers

16:33 Tiercel arrives to take over incubation duties, the Falcon flies off

17:00 Shift ends with the Tiercel still incubating.

Thank you to todays volunteers; Andrew G, Sasha and Brendon

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