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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 30/04/2022

Sunny, 10 degrees feels like 9, gentle NW breeze

9.00 Falcon on the nest, she is still and sleepy

9.05 She pecks at gravel making quite a deep dip.

9.06 She continues to peck at the gravel and has reached the remains of a meal. She is not very interested in eating it.

9.07 Persistent pecking at gravel

9.08 She stops pecking and resettles over her family facing the camera

9.21 She preens her chest; two sleepy chicks and one egg can easily be seen

9.22 One chick wakes and changes its position

9.23 Both chicks wake and move a little, stretching their wings

9.26 Chicks visible and asleep

9.30 Falcon covers the chicks with her brood pouch

9.36 She is alert and looking about

9.37 She is relaxed and resting

9.41 Falcon preens her chest and unsettles the chicks

9.45 One chick emerges from the brood pouch but mum soon tucks it back in

9.48 The heads of both chicks are visible

9.57 Falcon watches overhead

10.15 One chick 'cheeps' both flap and wiggle a bit

10.17 One chick seems to yawn

10.18 Chicks are really wriggly while mum preens

10.20 All still and settled

10.21 Mum preens and chicks sleep

10.23 Mum preens her back feathers and stretches her left leg. She resettles facing the camera

10.36 Mum preens her back while the chicks sleep. I saw the egg but no sign of pipping

10.39 Falcon is settled but awake and looking about

10.48 Tiercel flies in and calls, Falcon sits up, chicks wake up

1049 He flies off

10.51 She settles back again

11.00, Taking over from Debbie with Poppy in residence.

11.20, Poppy stirs giving us a quick look at one of her young and the one remaining egg.

12.27, Poppy decides to have a change of scenery shuffles anti clockwise eventually settles back down where she started.

11.44, She starts preening giving us another look of her chicks then begins taking in stones to help with her digestion.

11.49, She quickly departs leaving the chicks home alone, but comes back with prey that she took from Henry and starts feeding her young.

11.54, Thanks to Chris he observed Henry chasing off a herring gull that got to close.

11.57, She leaves with the remains of the prey, Henry comes in immediately to tend after his young and the one remaining egg.

12.03, Poppy back again and takes over from Henry.

12.39, She starts taking in more stones giving us another look at her young and egg.

13.00, I've finished now, hope you all have a great afternoon. Change of mind, I'll stay for one more shift.

13.56, Change over, Henry comes in and takes over from Poppy.

14.20, Poppy comes in with prey starts feeding her young with Henry sheltering them from the sun. Henry eventually leaves at 14.26.

14.31, Poppy leaves with the remains of the prey and in comes Henry.

14.36, Another change over with Poppy coming in once again.

That's the end of the report for today.

Thanks to Debbie and Graham for todays blog.

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