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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 29/05/2022

Thank you to Graham for todays blog

09.00, Morning All, Welcome to a rainy day in Cromer with Poppy perched on the church stairway and the chick down in the bottom corner of the stairway.

0923, The chick comes into view, immediately Poppy flies down from the top of stairway gets some cached prey and starts feeding the chick

09.26, Both mum and juvenile disappear out of sight, round the back of the nest box but can still be heard.

09.30, The chick appears from the back of the nest box walks down the church roof to disappear out of sight once again.

10.08, Camera comes into action scanning the church roof, eventually finding Poppy perched on a scaffolding pole. Then flies off shortly afterwards.

10.18, Camera starts moving clockwise this time, comes across Poppy stuffing her face in the nest box.

10.29, Every morsel finished, She's makes her way to the edge of the nest box has a quick look around and departs.

10.32, Thanks to Chris brilliant camera work, he finds Poppy balancing on another hand rail, eventually losing her balance. Not to be out done she jumps up on a lower bar, shimmies across then has short flight down to a church footplate.

10.41, With Poppy still in the same position, the chick decides to make a appearance from the corner of the stairway (Topleft)

11.00, That's my shift over with no change of position of Poppy and the chick only just in the cameras view.

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