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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 28/03/2022

09.00 Falcon on platform. Alert and watchful.

09.04 Changed position on eggs. Noticeable white flecks on the darkest of the eggs.

09.09 Alert and watchful. Observing something overhead.

09.13. Settled briefly then alert again.

09.18 Settled, unihemispheric sleep - one eye open. Respiration rate when resting 20 breaths per minute. It will be interesting to compare this with rate when she is hot.

09.42. Pecking at gravel.

09.44 Shuffled eggs and changed position

09.48. Shuffled eggs and changed position again.

10.06. Preening

10.11. Turned eggs and settled facing the rear of the box.

10.15. Alert and watchful

10.17 Change over. Tiercel now on eggs. As Petra observed yesterday, the eye ring and cere is much more orange in colour than the yellow seen in the falcon.

10.19. Tiercel observing something above him

10.33 Very settled. Respiration slightly faster (at 24 reaps per minute) than in falcon

10.38. Pecking gravel, turning eggs with his bobbing movements then settled.

10.52. Pecking gravel then alert and watchful, changed his position.

11am Tiercel (?) awake and brooding

11.25 Pecking at the gravel

Moves round 1/4 turn

11.32 Dozing, then starts pecking at gravel again and adjusts his


11.53 Turns completely to the other direction

12.00 Pecking again

12.15 Moves again back to the other direction.

12.35 Another move towards back of the box

13.00, Henry incubating his three eggs in the lovely Cromer sun with his back towards the camera.

13.09, Henry has a little shuffle and settles back down in the same position.

13.22, Poor Henry was lovely and comfy till he got pestered by a pesky blue bottle.

13.27, Must be tiring incubating those three eggs as his eyes close and falls fast asleep, but not for long.

13.31, Another shuffle from Henry has a look around over his left wing and settles back down once again.

13.50, At last he decides to have a change of scenery, now facing the right hand side of the box.

14.20, no change.

14.24, Change of position once again, gone back to his old position with his back towards the camera.

15.00 No change, now handing over to ~Jan.

15.00 Tiercel still on eggs. Settled but alert.

15.10. Shuffling and bobbing on eggs

15.16 Alert and watchful

15.25 Change over. Falcon now on platform. Colour difference in eggs very obvious.

15.30. Shuffling on eggs.

15.48 Shuffling and changing position.

15.52 Alert and watching for several minutes

16.10 Pecking gravel.

16.18 Alert and watchful. Tiercel is reported to be plucking prey out at the front.

16.45 Pecking gravel then preening briefly

16.50 Shuffling eggs, and settling and pecking gravel

16.55 Uni-hemispheric sleeping

17.06. Change over. Tiercel now on eggs.

Thank you to todays volunteers Jan, Ann and Graham.

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