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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 24/04/2022

12.24 The Falcon is incubating the 3 eggs

12.50 Both adults in the box the Falcon doesn't want to give up her position incubating the eggs.

12.51 The tiercel gives up and flies to the South side.

15.00 Tiercel is incubating the eggs. In the sunshine.

15.20 Male looks around

15.39 Male turns the eggs to get them evenly heated. Then he starts preening.

15.59 The Falcon enters the box but the Male doesn't move. She then flies off.

16.08 Falcon is perched on the South side of the tower.

16.10 The Falcon comes in again to the box.

16.21 The Falcon hops off the box.

17.00 Male remains incubating the 3 eggs.

Thanks to todays volunteers- Debbie and Brendon

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