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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 23/05/2022

Thank you to todays volunteers- James, Graham, Chris and Julia.

08:52 The chick is sprawled out on the front of the box with head resting on the parapet.

09:00 The church clock strikes 9am and the chick wakes up momentarily to stretch her wings.

09:01 Peregrine calling off, sounds like two birds and the chick looks round intently like a bird has flown past. The Falcon was caught on another camera sitting to the right of the box.

09:04 The calling on the sound feed ceases and the chick continues to rest on her belly.

09:11 The chick now sits up and preens herself.

09:13 The chick moves across the box and turns away from the camera to defaecate.

09:14 She settles at the back on right side looking out standing on her feet.

09:28 She spends some time pottering round in the right back cornder and preening and looking round.

09:30 The chick starts incessant feeding calling.

09:33 The falcon calls off screen

09:35 Both adults call out off screen

09:37 Tiercel brings in food, Falcon arrives shortly after and grabs prey. Tiercel leaves and Falcon starts to feed the chick when it will stop shouting!

09:44 The falcon stops feeding and leaves the box with the prey remains. The chick does some wing stretching and walking about and settles on the right side of the box and pecks at some scraps. She tries to stand on one leg and scratch her head. Her crop looks pretty full on profile view.

09:49 She does some wing flapping and pottering about

09:58 She settles in the right side of box mid position on her haunches!

10:00 The chick dozes with eyes partially shut.

10:08 She does some preening of her back still on her haunches.

10:09 She rests on her belly to digest her meal and dozes.

10:32 After a very quiet spell the sound camera reveals both adults calling to each other but the chick continues to doze on her belly. A screen grab by the webmaster reveals both adults perching on bits of the church with her directly below him.

10:35 The chick wakes up and starts to preen on her haunches still on the right side of the box.

10:39 The chick stands on feet and stretches legs and looks around alertly.

10:40 She defecates over the edge of the box and moves to the back of the box on right side facing the corner.

10:42 She settles down on her belly in the right hand corner.

10:45 She starts to walk about and wing and leg stretch ending up on the left side near the front.

10:53 She rests on her belly in the same spot and dozes.

11:00 It is great to have the sound camera and the church clock sounds 11, over to Graham.

11.00, Now taking over from James with the fast growing chick asleep on the front left hand corner of the nest box. 11.30, No change with the chick still in the same position.

11.40, She awakens looks out from the nest box, then starts pampering herself.

11.52, Missiles away.

11.56, Exercise time for the young lady

12.10, Poppy arrives to check on her, not so little chick, not for long as she leaves couple minutes later.

12.35, Chick sitting up and calling out, properly for food as she hasn't had any since 09.38.

13.00, Now handing over to Zoe, with the chick now fast asleep at the front of the nest box.

13.14 Tiercel still on south west turret and female on handrail on east side of roof

14.16 The Falcon in on the handrail above the nest box

14.30 The Tiercel flies in with a pigeon and plucks it on the E side of the church on the gargoyle

14.48 He feeds himself

15.01 The tiercel takes flight with the prepared prey in his talons the Falcon flies out to greet him and there is a food past on the West side of the Church. The Falcon then flies off and the Falcon comes round, briefly lands on the SE corner of the pinacle before then taking the prey into the box to feed the chick.

15.21 The falcon returns to the inside hand rail inside the tower.

22.14 It was a wet night in Cromer the chick and Falcon were sheltering from the elements in the nest box.

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