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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 21/05/2022

Thanks to todays volunteers- Graham, Julia and Jan

09.00, Morning all, I'll start the proceedings as no one down on the rota, With Poppy keeping guard on her youngster. 09.07, Poppy departs, leaving her chicks home alone, Where she moves to the back left hand corner of the nest box.

09.31, She's moves nearer to the front of the nest box and falls asleep in the beautiful Cromer sun. 10.05, All very quiet with the chick still on her own. 10.10, Henry comes in with prey and starts feeding his daughter. Buy not for long because.....

10.14, In comes Poppy to take over feeding, whilst Henry quickly disappears with his tail between his legs.

10.23, Feed still going on, with Poppy and not so small chick.

10.24, Between the two of them, Mum and Daughter completely devoured the whole prey, then Poppy leaves.

11.00, That's me finished.

12.57. The falcon flies onto the SE turret

12.40. From the watch point the falcon is being viewed by interested public. She is still sitting on the SE turret

13.00. The falcon is still showing well moving around the SE turret. The visitors are asking many questions and are really pleased to be able to have a close up view.

13.30. The falcon is calling and the tiercel comes in with prey. He feeds the chick.

13.38. The falcon leaves the turret and enters the box after the tiercel has left.

13.48. Falcon arrives back on the SW turret

14.43. Feathers are descending from the SW corner. One lands close to the WP. We think it is pigeon

15.00. Falcon flies down onto the roof. The chick can be heard calling

15.07. Tiercel is seen flying away seawards

15.11. Falcon enters the box and is feeding the chick

15.17. Tiercel flies in with prey. He lands on the east side ledge near the SE turret

15.18 Tiercel gives a great flying display around the church landing on the lower level of SW turret with a small amount of prey

15.40. Falcon is feeding the chick again

15.45. Around 100 visitors have been looking through the telescope’s and really interested conversations have been had. As the WP closes the Falcon is standing at the front of the box looking across the roof.

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