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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 20/04/2022

09.00, Starting today's blog with Poppy incubating her eggs since she took over from Henry at 07.04 facing East.

09.22, She shuffles gradually turning clockwise finally settles down facing N/W.

09.24, Poppy starts calling out and looking around making me believe something was occurring, but nothing happens and she stays in the same position facing N/W.

09.50, Poppy starts shuffling anti clockwise this time, whilst she gently pushers one of her eggs into the warmth under her chest eventually making herself comfy facing South.

09.53, In comes Henry with a food offering places it on the gravel in front of her, she sits up, before you know it Henry picks it up turns and flies off with it, leaving Poppy completely bemused. This time she settles down facing S/W.

10.14, Poppy starts taking in stones to help with her digestion, she gradually manoeuvres, eventually making herself comfy facing East.

10.24, Change over, In comes Henry, Poppy leaves immediately whilst Henry strides over to his eggs and shimmies down facing N/W.

10.45, Gone very quiet with Henry snoozing in the Cromer sunshine.

10.46 Falcon flies off in NE direction.

10.48 Falcon returns and lands on turret and starts preening.

10.52, Henry awakens gets himself more comfy, still facing N/W.

11.00, Shift now finished, now handing over to the capable hands of Peta.


All quiet and tiercel dozing happily out of the sun.


Turned and got a bit more comfy. Wiggled deeper into the gravel and then went back to sleep.


Turns eggs and bounces up and down to get comfortable.


Getting a little restless and looking around. Maybe he has had enough egg sitting for the morning?


Time for a bit of personal preening and then another shuffle on the eggs.


More preening and turning eggs. Really scratched at the gravel to get the eggs and himself more comfortable.


Looking around for the Falcon? Oh well – not yet!


Became alert for a few minutes as though he had heard her calling but false alarm. Back to dozing.


Even when dozing, the tiercel seems to be breathing “heavily”. I wonder how many breaths per minute these birds take at rest and in flight?


Looking and calling but to no avail! Oh well. Back to snoozing.


Well she did hear me after all. But I am staying where I am. And she has gone again!


Pesky fly disturbing my snooze. Oh well, I will turn the eggs then as I am awake.


More egg turning or perhaps some of this gravel just needs moving or tasting?

13.01. The tiercel is incubating the eggs in the sun facing the back of the box.

The photo, sent via WhatsApp, is showing the falcon perched on the fleur de lis beside the SE turret

13.11. The tiercel in the box is looking behind but soon puts his head down and pecks at gravel.

13.42. The inset view shows the falcon approaching along the naive roof. She enters the box but he isn’t moving.

13.43. She towers over him and moves in towards him. Some gentle persuasion and he gives up, moves off the eggs and leaves. She settles down to incubate facing E

13.57. She shuffles over the eggs and resettles.

14.02 She stands, uses her feet to push gravel underneath her and settles facing SE.

Another photo arrives showing the tiercel perched on a fleur de lis possibly the SE corner with his back to the sea enjoying the sun.

14.07. She stands and digs the scrape again settles facing E

14.09. She is selecting pebbles, spitting some out and choosing to swallow a few.

14.10. She is shuffling around again now facing the NE corner.

14.22. She just can’t get comfortable, shuffles again turning while pushing the eggs. Now facing S to look out across the roof into the lovely Cromer sun.

14.34. Something catches her attention, her beak opens wide, not sure if she is calling or panting but she soon turns and takes her position facing E.

Not happy, she is on the move yet again, scraping gravel with her feet, turning to face back, side, front and side again to end up where she started, facing E

14.37. Panting

14.54. Seems more relaxed now. Still panting and mostly awake. .

14.59. Another shuffle, settling facing E again.

15.00 Falcon incubating.

15.03 Repositioning on the eggs. She looks hot and is panting. Respiration rate 57 per minute compared with 24 per minute on 28/03/22

15.15 Briefly alert and watchful before dozing.

15.21 Change over. Tiercel arrives and falcon leaves promptly. Tiercel bobs and settles on eggs.

15.23 Beak moving as if he may be chatting to eggs.

15.37 Shuffles on eggs, turns to face the rear of the box but doesn’t settle and turns further to the right before settling.

15.55 Dozing in the shade.

16.10 Preens briefly then shuffles on the eggs and pecks at the gravel.

16.15 He is now in the sun, preens briefly before dozing.

Falcon is perched on a near by turret on the church tower.

16.42. Spends several minutes shuffling and repositioning eggs a couple of times before preening briefly then settling…

17.00 …where he remains as this shift ends.

Thanks to todays volunteers- Graham, Peta, Julia, Jan and John (from the watchpoint.)

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