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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 19/04/2022

08.14, Thanking Chris for this update on the activity of Cromer's Tiercel before we started with today's blog.

09.00, Starting the proceedings with Poppy busy incubating since she took over from Henry at 07.42 facing North.

09.02, Going by her head movement's she's taking in stones to help with her digestion moves off her eggs whilst doing so, giving us a nice view of her eggs she eventually snuggles down facing South.

09.25, All quiet with Poppy alert, looking out from the nest box. (South)

09.43, She's now fast asleep in the lovely Cromer sun.

09.53, Change over, In comes Henry, Poppy leaves immediately, leaving Henry to make his way over to his eggs, snuggles down and gets himself comfy facing West.

10.12, Henry takes in a few stones, shuffles about a bit, whilst pushing one of his eggs to safety beneath him with his beak.

10.30, Another little shuffle, quickly settles down facing the same way West.

10.47, More intake of stones, then shuffles finally settles facing South.

11.00, Now that's the end of my shift, its over to you Richard. Hope you have a great shift.

11.00 Our male continues dozing whilst facing towards the nest box opening.

11.15 He regularly pecks at the gravel in front of him.

It is thought that this could be behaviour to select stones for use in the gizzard where the raptor uses them to grind its food, having no teeth of course. It could also be bored sitting for hours in one place.

11.20 Whilst shifting his position we get a glimpse of the clutch of eggs

12.05 Another change of position and then back to gentle snoozing

12.40 The falcon arrives and looms over the male who doesn’t seem keen to relinquish his position for a while

12.42 As it seems the female is not giving up the male finally moves over and leaves. The female quickly takes her position

12.56 She is also pecking at the gravel, even flicking it up in front of her

13.20. Falcon dozing

13.22. She goes towards the NW corner pecking at gravel revealing her eggs. She turns and settles facing S looking out of the box.

13.30. Disturbed by that Cromer fly.

13.44. She stands and shuffles around the eggs moving them into position. Incubating again still facing S

14.01. After spending time looking out of the box she closes the right eye, the one I can see, and dozes.

14.02. Changeover. Just as she dozes off in comes the tiercel. She leaves immediately and he takes his position over the eggs, shuffles and starts to incubate them, facing E

14.04. Dozing

14.30. He hasn’t moved, relaxed and still asleep with an occasional peep.

14.33. Something startles him and he reaches over his right shoulder and vigorously preens his back.

14.53. Still facing E, very relaxed with head down and sleeping.

14.58. Something disturbs him, he wakes alert looking out of the box.

15.00 Tiercel incubating, relaxed and facing right

15.05 He shuffles and pecks at the gravel

15.10 He preens his back feathers

15.11 He bobs a bit and settles, still facing to the right

15.35 He pecks at gravel, shuffles and resettles as before, facing right

16.22 Falcon flies in, tiercel gets up and flies off, she settles, facing away from the camera

16.26 She preens

16.27 She settles

Thanks to todays volunteers- Graham, Richard E, Debbie and Julia.

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