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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 18/04/2022

08:55 The falcon is incubating with her back to her audience and the camera.

09:02 She rotates round clockwise and shuffles eggs settling looking SW.

09:13 She dozes as the sun starts to reach the front of the nest box.

09:15 She looks up sharply and then settles.

09:18 She starts to gravel peck and stands up showing off her eggs.

09:19 She turns round clockwise and turns her eggs and settles NE whilst looking round

09:59 She looks up and out briefly.

10:02 On catchup the Tiercel arrives along the nave roof and enters the box on the east side. The falcon stands up and leaves, the eggs are visible for a few seconds and they were turned and the Tiercel settles on the eggs pointing NW.

10:16 He looks round intermittently and then rotates clockwise and talks to the eggs and settles pointing NE.

10:29 He continues to look upwards intermittently and then snoozes.

10:54 The Tiercel looks intently towards the camera and then snoozes again.

11:00 He continues to incubate restfully.

11.00, Now taking over from James with the Tiercel on duty incubating his three eggs facing N/E

11.26, At last Henry moves, starts to take in stones then begins maneuvering anti clockwise then he moves back settling down facing N/E

11.32, Poppy comes in to attempt to take over from Henry but he wasn't going to have any of it and stays put. She eventually gives up turns and sits on the edge of the nest box, she disappears from sight at 11.33.

11.45, Henry fast asleep in beautiful Cromer sun.

12.02, No change, Henry in the same position, facing N/E

12.05, Thanks to Chris, we've got an update on the whereabouts of Poppy, where she's resting in the inside of the S/E turret.

12.35, Still no change with Henry in the same position facing N/E

12.43, At last he moves, shuffles anti clockwise settles facing North for a minute then returns to his old position facing N/E

13.00, End of my shift, now handing over to Val.

13.00 The Tiercel is dozing as he incubates the eggs, facing away from the camera.

13.19 He is awake now, and looking round and up from time to time.

13.21 He is very alert and looking up and behind him.

13.24 He pecks at the gravel in front of him.

13.25 He is super alert.

13.30 He seems to be relaxing again, and starts pecking at the gravel.

13.31 He fidgets and starts to move the eggs about.

13.32 He turns to the south and rolls the eggs a bit more.

13.33 The Tiercel finally settles back down to brood, facing north.

13.48 He starts to doze off, opening his eyes occasionally.

13.54 A fly buzzes past, waking him with a start.

13.57 That pesky fly is back!

13.58 He has a big yawn - all this sitting about is exhausting!

14.00 He is awake and looking up

14.01 He pecks at the gravel again

14.02 Once again, gravel pecking proves to be a precursor to him shuffling the eggs before he does his little bobbing routine and settles back down.

14.12 He is back to snoozing.

14.26 He has a quick look around.

14.27 He looks up as something catches his attention

14,36 Even though he is literally half asleep (one eye shut) he turns his head to look at something.

14.50 He is looking around and up, quite focused, perhaps the Falcon is finally going to relieve him?

15.00 He remains relaxed on the scrape, no sign of the female.

15.00 Tiercel facing to the right, as good as asleep

15.11 A fly disturbed him

15.13 He bobs and resettles facing away from the camera

15.19 He moves again and ends up facing right. He is very settled and sleepy

15.26 A fly woke him briefly

15.35 He pecks at gravel

15.36 He does his characteristic bob then hunkers down. He settles facing away from the camera

16.09 He looks behind

16.13 He looks behind

16.43 More looking behind

16.43 Again he looks behind

Thanks to todays volunteers- Graham, James, Val and Debbie.

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