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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 17/04/2022

Watchpoint opened at 12 o'clock with the Falcon incubating

12.10 Two buzzards drifted over

12.40 Male returned to the tower and perched out of view.

12.45 Falcon on eggs, Male flew around the tower and then perched on the NE pinnacle

12.48 Intruder alert! a young Peregrine flew over high heading South.

12.50 Male flew off at speed up the high street going West.

13.15 Male returned to the NE pinnacle.

13.29 Male on gargoyle, eating.

14.10 Intruder alert flying high West. Neither of the resident birds reacted.

14.31 Incubation change over Male enters the nest and takes over from the Falcon.

15.05 Falcon perched on gargoyle

15.49 Tiercel preening and shuffling to get the eggs evenly heated

17.00 Tiercel remains incubating

Thank you to todays volunteers- Trevor, Jane, Debbie and Brendon

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Jonathan Anderson
Jonathan Anderson
Apr 17, 2022

Could the intruder young Peregrine be one of our youngsters i.e. a 2020 fledgling?

May 08, 2022
Replying to

unlikely Jonathan, they are just as likely to be in Belgium as they are in Beccles. Also we couldn’t see a ring on it’s leg and by the plumage, it looked like a chick from last year.

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