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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 16/04/2022

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

WhatsApp update explains that Falcon took over at 8.16

9.00 The weather is sunny, 10 degrees but feels like 8 degrees. There is a gentle breeze from ESE.

Falcon incubating facing right.

9.04 She is moving stones

9.10 She stretches, turns the eggs and settles in the same place

9.20 She is in the shade and very settled / sleepy

9.46 She turns a little to her left so now her back is to the camera

10.03 She looks behind her to see out, preens and tucks her head back into her wing

10.09 She turns the eggs, resettles facing left. The top of her left wing is in the sun

10.10 She picks a stone and lets it drop and repeats this action

10.13 She moves again, settles facing the front, her face is now in full sun

10.45 She tucks her head under her wing

10.46 She looks about and stone pecks. She moves and turns the eggs and resettles facing right.

11.00, Just taken over from Debbie on this beautiful sunny Bank Holiday weekend with Poppy busy incubating her three eggs.

11.19, Poppy begins taking in stones to help with her digestion, She shuffles clockwise eventually settles down facing S/E.

11.50, Something must be going on by Poppy's actions, having a good look around.

11.51, In comes Henry to take over, Poppy leaves immediately whilst Henry makes his way to his eggs, shuffles down and makes himself comfy facing South.

12.29, All quiet on the Eastern front with Henry in the same position facing South.

12.40, At last there's movement, Henry has a little shuffle giving us a quick look of his eggs.

12.48, A bit more movement by Henry, shuffles clockwise finally settles down facing West.

13.28, All very quiet again, with Henry in the same position facing West.

13.39, Another shuffle by Henry, rearranging his eggs whilst he does so, finally settles down once again facing West.

14.00 Falcon on the ledge on the N side of the tower in the shade eating.

14.10, Henry starts taking in more stones to help with his digestion.

14.12, Falcon flies off chasing a gull, she returns circles the tower a couple of times before settling on top of the SE tower.

14.16, In comes Poppy to take over from Henry, she strides over to him, gives him the evil eye but he still wouldn't budge.

14.25, Once again he shuffles giving us another glimpse of his eggs then settles down facing N/W.

14.44, Poppy comes in to have another go taking over from Henry but he really didn't want to leave, Poppy eventually gets her own way after alot of nagging. He leaves then she settles down facing East.

15.00, That's all folks from me, hope you're all having a great Bank Holiday!

15.00, With Poppy busy incubating her eggs in the lovely Cromer sun still facing East.

15.36, Poppy awakens after being asleep for the most of the time, moves off her eggs briefly, taking in stones. Gives us a chance to look at her eggs.

15.42, Consuming even more stones, she gives us all a better look of her eggs. Finally settles facing East.

15.45, Falcon sitting on the N side of the tower.

16.17, No change with Poppy still incubating her eggs facing East.

16.29, Henry comes in, attempts to take over, but Poppy wasn't going to have any of it and just lays there.

16.37, Poppy looks at him, you've got one chance, no chance! He eventually leaves 10 mins later.

16.53, She moves shuffles anticlockwise does one and a half turns finally settles facing West.

16.57, one more small shuffle now facing South.

17.00, Now that is it for me. Take care of yourself!

17.38, The Tiercel takes a nap in the afternoon sun, whilst the falcon is incubating in the nest box.

Thanks to todays volunteers- Graham, Debbie, Mike and Rachel and Chris.

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