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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 15/05/2022

Thank you to todays volunteers for this blog- Graham and Brendon

09.00, Morning All, To another start of today's blog with Poppy in attendance.

09.30, All very quiet with Poppy still looking after her chick.

09.55, Poppy departs.

09.56, Henry arrives empty taloned.

09.59, He departs leaving the chick alone, soon arrives back with food, but not for long as Poppy arrives and takes over.

10.10, She leaves with the remains of the prey.

10.11, In comes Henry with more food and starts feeding.

10.15, End of the feed he goes to the edge of the nest box and looks out. Turns to go back to shelter his little one when Poppy comes in once again to take over.

10.40, No change with Poppy in the same position.

11.00, Poppy still in residence looking after her chick.

11.14, She departs, leaving her chicks all alone.

11.21, Poppy arrives back once again.

12.15, All very quiet on the Eastern front.

12.49, Poppy gets up once again, goes to the edge of the nest box and departs.

13.00, The chick is home alone once again.

15.00 Chick still home alone in the nest box.

16.02 Chick pecks at some scraps of food.

16.03 Chick is stretching its wings and walking around the box

16.10 The falcon comes in and feeds the chick

16.19 After feeding the chick the falcon removes the prey and flies off with it.

16.24 The falcon returns to keep the chick warm.

16.55 Falcon on the edge of the box she then flies off but perches close by to keep an eye on the chick.

17.00 Chick is home alone in the nest box.

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