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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 15/04/2022

09.00, Starting on a beautiful day in Cromer with Poppy who's only just took over incubating from Henry, facing North.

09.18, Finally she moves, does a little shuffle then settles back down, facing N/W.

09.26, Poppy begins taking in stones to help with her digestion, moves off eggs doing so giving a quick glimpse of a couple of her eggs finally gets comfy facing East.

10.00, No change with Poppy in the same position, facing East.

10.28, Henry comes in to try to take over from Poppy but she wouldn't budge and he leaves with his tail between his legs.

11.00, Now handing over to Debbie with Poppy in the same position since 09.28.

11.00 Falcon is incubating and facing right

11.04 She moves and settles back facing to the left

11.07 She is stone pecking

11.11 She moves from the eggs, and resettles over them, facing the camera

11.17 Tiercel arrives but she does not budge. He scratches his neck and walks around the nest. They look at each other but still she doesn't move. It looks like stale mate. After a while he flies off

11.40 She is highly alert and looks all about

11.46 She is still alert and looking around. She is able to turn her head to see in many directions.

11.55 She preens, stands, turns her eggs and resettles facing to the right

12.15 Tiercel arrives again but this time she is willing to give up the space. She swiftly flies off and he soon settles facing left

12.20 He is very still and settled, partly asleep

12.30 He preens and changes position, hunkers down and settles facing right

13.00, Now taking over from Debbie with Henry fast asleep incubating his three eggs in the lovely Cromer sun facing East.

13.20, Henry starts taking in stones to help with his digestion reaches for to get to one he can't get to sitting down then shuffles down, facing the same direction East.

13.32, Another shuffle Henry slowly making his way round and settles down racing North.

14.01, All very quiet with Henry in the same position facing North.

14.14, A little shuffle by Henry and that's it. Same direction North.

14.38, Time for a quick preen and settles once again facing North.

15.00, Now handing over to Peter D with Henry in the same position facing North.

15:00 As I pick up the blog baton, the Tiercel is in place on the eggs, as he has been since 1:30pm. Sun is still bright, but a breeze is ruffling his back feathers.

15:02 He is facing directly away from the camera so his head is not visible. However, his body action suggests a spot of stone picking. Then he stands, turns and bobs his way back onto the eggs to face South-East, out of the platform. He struggles to get settled over the eggs, and continues to shuffle and bob for some minutes, before coming to rest, but now facing South-West. It makes one wonder how he would manage if there were four eggs! And as for chicks………!

15:10 A large fly buzzes into view, so the Tiercel’s head moves rapidly as he tracks it.

15:24 The Tiercel gives one or two chirps, and looks around. He seems to pull his head back to his body, but then relaxes again. Nothing apparent on the inset camera either.

15:31 He is alert again, with head up, but relaxes again after a few seconds. One, and sometimes both, eyes close as he dozes in the sunshine.

15:48 Occasional stone pecks, then a quick shut eye, then he becomes more interested in the stones. This leads to another shuffle round, then back, facing South this time. His beak works as if he is quietly chirruping, but becomes more prolonged and more definite. He relaxes again.

15:54 More apparent chirruping, but then his right eye closes. Then he begins watching something intently. Perhaps the fly has returned.

16:08 The Tiercel seems to be calling again. Eventually gets bored and stops, closes his eye.

16:13 He appears to be asleep now, as his head droops for a few moments.

16:14 The Falcon arrives, and the Tiercel gets up and leaves immediately, leaving her to settle over the eggs, which she does, ending up facing South, just like her partner. May not last as she is already looking at stones, which often seems to be a precursor to moving round!

16:20 The sun is striking diagonally across the platform again, having moved round past the South-West turret.

16:47 The Falcon wakes up briefly, looks left and right, then goes off again. Her head droops until her beak is almost on the stones.

16:50 Her head is pointing directly at the camera, so both eyes can be seen to be closed, although they open from time to time independently.

16:55 The Falcon seems to be watching something quite close up, perhaps a small insect, as she rocks her head from side to side apparently following it.

17:00 This session comes to an end with the Falcon relaxed in the afternoon sunshine, facing South, directly toward the camera, her beak almost touching the stones.

Thank you to todays bloggers- Peter, Debbie and Graham

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