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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 14/04/2022

9:00 Blazing sunshine at the start of this shift makes it difficult to see, but I am reliably informed that it is the Falcon sitting at the moment, and has been there since 8:13, thanks to WhatsApp report. She is facing into the back of the platform, away from the camera.

9:09 The Falcon seems quite alert, looking back over her shoulder from the shadows. Very actively looking around.

9:14 She seems to have relaxed a bit, picking at one or two stones, then stands and shuffles round, initially to face West, then up again and moves round to face the camera such that her head is now in the sunlight. Her head moves sharply about as she watches something out of our view.

9:23 The Falcon opens her beak wide, in what looks like a yawn(!), then closes one eye for a moment. Next a brief peck at a stone, then she rises up over the eggs and shuffles back and forth for several moments, rotating as she does so, but ultimately ends up pretty much where she started, facing the camera.

9:28 She is still not entirely settled, and shuffles her feet under her without really standing up.

9:31 Another quick peck at a stone, then a sharp glance around, before relaxing again and allowing one eye, at least, to close. Her head settles as she dozes with her beak almost on the stones.

9:37 The Falcon is alert and calling. She stands over the eggs for a few seconds, then settles back again. No clear sign of what caused her to be so agitated.

9:43 She has relaxed again, enough that she is closing at least one eye, but as always stirs to sounds outside. She seems to be alternating between eyes.

9:54 The Falcon has another shuffle of her feet without standing up.

9:58 She is alert again, but just watchful at the moment. She appears to be watching something to her left, but evidently not a problem. Her eyes drift shut again.

10:06 The Falcon has another session of stone picking. One in particular gets her attention. Then she stops and starts calling.

10:08 The Tiercel arrives, and the Falcon leaves immediately. He bobs and rocks himself into position over the eggs, facing East. He seems to be giving further calls, unless he has a funny taste in his mouth!

10:16 He starts looking around, and it looks like he has fluffed himself up a little, as if in preparation for something. The moment passes, and his right eye closes as he relaxes again.

10:36 The Tiercel has been relaxed for some minutes, then looks round and opens his beak a few times, perhaps calling to the Falcon, which the watchpoint has reported is perched on the parapet nearby. He stands, shuffles, and settles again in more or less the same position.

11:00 This session ends with the Tiercel in place on the eggs.

11.00. He shuffles around to face N, back of the box. Not comfortable he shuffles again and ends up facing E

Watch Point (WP) by the church reports the Falcon is away somewhere probably hunting.

11.22. Still in the same position, dozing.

WP reports the Falcon in the parapet.

11.24. The falcon enters the box, They chirrup to each other but he isn’t going. She stands over him

After some persuading he gets up and leaves. She settles facing W

11.33. The WP reports the tiercel is on the NE pinnacle.

11.46. She is pecking at the pebbles in front her. There is quite a hole appearing as she picks and discards them to one side.

11.49. She shuffles around clockwise and repositions herself over the eggs settling down facing S, looking out of the box towards the camera.

11.56. I hear via WhatsApp that Norwich peregrines now have their 2nd egg. Excellent news.

12.08. WP reports the tiercel is on the NE pinnacle lifting up one leg for a preen.

12.13. Falcon stands exposing her eggs and settles facing W

12.20. She is holding her head up, beak slightly open panting.

12.28. She is still panting. There is an obvious increase in her breathing rate.

12.33. She stands and turns clockwise to face N. Reaches over her left shoulder and preens her back. Settles facing W. - no, not right- stands, turns full circle then returns to face S keeping an eye out over her domain.

12.37. WP reports that on a walk around the church they saw prey remains of 2 starlings and a wader.

12.38. WP reports the tiercel has left the pinnacle. He enters the box and is sent away.

12.45. Tiercel tries again. He enters the box. She looks at him. Stands up exposing the eggs then sits back down. He waits a while.

12.47 He leaves the box.

12.52. WP reports the tiercel is back on the NE pinnacle. Meanwhile the falcon stands and turns to face the NE, still panting. She is quite alert and keeps checking around.

13.00. She turns to face SW and stands looking out of the box.

13.19 She calls in-between panting

13.22. Falcon turns to face E, still panting.

13.30 Incubation change over the Tiercel flies in and takes over incubating the eggs.

13.45 Tiercel is panting

13.46 A fly buzzes around him catching his attention

13.49 He is asleep.

13.57 The falcon cools off in the shade inside the South West turret, perched on the railing.

15.00 Sitting quietly

15.07 Getting comfortable on the eggs, could be the


15.29 Finding it difficult to get comfortable on the eggs,

they look large eggs and difficult to cover

15.39 Same again, getting comfortable on the eggs

16.00 No change

16.00 Male alert sitting on eggs facing right ( my right)

01 looking up alert

05 Still with eyes shutting and opening alternately

12 tried to catch a fly while remaining on eggs.

13 Shuffled around exposing eggs, quick check and then settled down again looking out of box.

18 Shuffled round again checking and moving eggs carefully.

20 Settles again facing left but alert and looking out of box

21 Still with the occasional head movement

27 Alerted to something outside. Continues to look.

28Lifts head higher to look out.

30Looks as though calling.

34 Chasing another fly.

Thank you to todays volunteers- Peter, Julia, Barbara and Sue

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