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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 13/04/2022

09.00, Here we go again for another shift with Henry incubating since 07.10 when he took over from Poppy, facing East.

09.03, Time for a change of scenery, Henry shuffles clock wise settles down in the opposite direction facing West.

09.19, Poppy arrives strolls over to Henry but he just sits there, Poppy moves and sits on the edge of the nest box. Then Henry decides to move and leaves the nest box, whilst Poppy maneuvers to her eggs and settles down facing South.

09.55, Poppy falls asleep in the beautiful Cromer sun.

10.30, No change with Poppy in the same position as earlier. Tiercel flies off N facing turret and flies back and lands on S facing turret for 10 mins he then flies off and returns to the N side.

10.39, Poppy has a look around, shuffles and settles in the same position then starts taking in stones to help with her digestion, finally she settles facing West.

10.48, She starts taking on more stones once again, moves settles facing South.

11am Tiercel flies, sits on S turret for another 10 mins then flies W. Flies back and sits on E turret.

11.28, Very quiet on the Eastern front.

11.31, Poppy actually moves and consumes even more stones, shuffles and settles down facing East.

12.00, Poppy frantically starts looking around then leaves, in comes Henry to start his shift, faces South for a bit then moves and settles with his back towards the camera. (North)

12.19, Henry alert, has a look around then has a little shuffle makes himself comfy facing N/W.

12.44, All very quiet with Henry fast asleep.

12.46, Suddenly he's awakens, shuffles once again, gets comfy facing North.

13.00, Now handing over to Julia, thanking her for stepping in the last minute to cover the 1-3 shift!

13.10 Still facing N, the back of the box, the tiercel looks over his right shoulder and follows a fly which is buzzing around his back.

13.20 He shuffles and bobs over the eggs settling facing NW, the breeze ruffling his feathers.

13.27. Dozing

13.44. He turns his head and looks out towards the front of the box and stares but soon relaxes.

13.50. Looks out again checking around, maybe the falcon is close by.

13.51. The inset view shows the falcon running along the roof and she enters the box. Stand off again, he is not moving. She stands over him giving him a stare. He eventually gives up and moves off the eggs and leaves the box. The falcon quickly settles over the eggs facing E.

14.05. She picks at pebbles.

14.10. She gets off the eggs and moves to the back corner picking at pebbles, turns and returns to the eggs, now facing E.

14.37. She is alert and looking around, no worries, back to dozing.

14.40 Male on NW pinnacle.

14.54. She is preening the left wing feathers.

14.56. Turns round arranging the eggs underneath her, settles facing W

14.48. As earlier she moves off the eggs and picks at pebbles, turns and lays over the eggs facing S looking at the camera.

15.00 The falcon is incubating the eggs as this Watch begins. She pecks the gravel, moving to the far left of the box, briefly exposing the eggs before returning to settle on them.

15.16 Pecking gravel and focusing on small pieces close to her.

15.25 Very alert.

15.26 Change over. Both bids together on the platform then the falcon leaves and the

tiercel begins incubation.

15.34 Alert and watchful, settled in a brief period of sunshine.

15.45 Pecks gravel, which is often a precursor to reposition eggs, as it is on this occasion when he shuffles, bobs and resettles.

15.45 Briefly alert before dozing.

16.21 Pecks gravel briefly then shuffles on eggs, bobs and resettles.

17.00 Settled and dozing.

Thanks to todays volunteers- Graham, Julia, John and Jan

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