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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 12/04/2022

09.00, We have good news Norwich peregrines have eventually produced an egg and here in Cromer we have Henry incubating at the moment, facing South.

10.00, No change, Henry still incubating, still facing South.

10.02, At last he moves, shuffles and settles down now facing S/E.

10.06, Change over, Poppy comes in to take over from Henry. Settles faces N/E

10.31, At last we have movement, Poppy shuffles and settles down facing west then starting taking in stones for her digestion, moves off her eggs to give us all a nice view of her eggs.

10.33, Poppy moves back to her eggs, nestles down facing N/E

11.00, Now handing over to Richard E with Poppy busy incubating.

13.03. The tiercel reaches forward exposing the eggs, pecks at pebbles then reverses back over them. He looks down at them before doing his usual bobbing, relaxes facing forward looking at the camera.

13.05. He spends a minute calling but doesn’t move.

13.15. Both eyes are closed

13.52. He starts chirruping.

13.54. Falcon comes in to take over but the tiercel holds his position. They chirrup at each other. She faces him with her beak down close to his but still he doesn’t move.

She moves behind him still giving him grief and eventually moves to the front of the box

13.57. She turns to give him a look and then gives up, flies away.

13.59. What’s app informs that the falcon is close by sitting on a rail near the box.

14.07. He reaches for a pebble, turns to face E then rocks himself back over the eggs.

He dozes until

14.38. when he becomes alert looking from side to side.

14.41. Tiercel stands and stretches, relaxes back over the eggs facing SE

14.52. He is relaxed and dozing waking occasionally to check his surroundings.

15.00 Tiercel incubating. Pecks at the gravel then shuffles and resettles on the eggs.

15.04 The falcon arrives on the platform to take over incubation however the Tiercel does not move. She moves closer to him but he remains sitting. She goes to the front of the box, stands there briefly then flies off.

15.07 Tiercel settled, preens briefly then sleeps and remains sleeping intermittently.

15.45 A fly appears and crawls around the gravel. It wakes the tiercel who pecks at the gravel before repositioning and settling on the eggs.

15.52 Tiercel is alert and looks as if he may be calling the falcon quietly for a few minutes.

15.58 Disturbed by the fly again which is reappearing very frequently this afternoon.

16.40 Pecks at the gravel then repositions and settles on the eggs.

16.44 He is alert and possibly calling again.

16.52 Pecking at the gravel then shuffling and resettling on the eggs.

16.56 The fly returns, the tiercel bobs, repositions and then settles on the eggs.

Thanks to Graham, Jan, Chris and Julia for todays blog.

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