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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 11/04/2022

06:43 The Tiercel left and Falcon arrived.

08:34 Falcon left and Tiercel resumed incubation. 09:00 Tiercel is incubating after a changeover at 08:34 from the falcon. He is sitting partly in the sun peacefully looking east. His smaller size is obvious after seeing the larger falcon earlier.

09:09 He is alert and looking round intently then settles again 09:11 Short break in transmission restored at 09:12 09:14 He stands up and moves round and then settles again in same orientation with head slightly pointing into the nest box. 09:28 More alert again. 09:29 He shuffles the eggs and looks down at them briefly and remains in the same position 09:31 He suddenly looks up and follows something, there is a brief shadow/flying object from right to left and then he settles after 2 minutes. 09:35 Gravel pecking and shuffling starts and he rotates anticlockwise with tail to the camera. 10:00 The Cromer Watchpoint is opening now with telescopes and live screening from the cameras in Cromer Church. 10:07 His head is now in deep shade with his wings in full sun. 10:09 Falcon arrives and a changeover happens, she settles with her back to the camera and appears to have a good rest.

10.21 Tiercel flew on to the rear of the SE pinnacle

10:25 She briefly shows her face! 10:42 She becomes more alert and starts gravel pecking then looks all around with head turning.

10.44 Tiercel arrives on the tower with prey

10:45 She stands up and adjusts her eggs, gradually rotating clockwise through 360 degrees. We get a glimpse of the egg with the small hole in the shell before settling with her tain towards the camera again. She keeps looking round though.

10.52 Tiercel jumps back onto rear of the SE pinnacle. 10:53 She is very alert and peering round again. 11:00 She settles down again with head down away from the camera.

11am. Falcon brooding

11 19 Tiercel flies off and lands on NE pinnacle

11.41. Change over. Tiercel settles down

1145. Brooding, but looking round anxiously.

13.00 As I take over, the Tiercel is incubating, facing south, but he is looking up as though something has attracted his attention.

13.01 A quick peck at the gravel is followed by him standing up shifting the eggs slightly and then a bit of bobbing before he settles down again.

13.02 A fly buzzes around and he watches it.

13.05 He is starting to doze off in the warm sun

13.06 He looks up, and seconds later she arrives and approaches him. They chirrup beak to beak but he seems reluctant to leave his comfy spot.

13.07 She is standing over him, occasionally having a little peck at his feathers. He is looking at her and chirruping, but showing no sign of shifting.

13.08 She is on the left of the box, standing on the edge of the box looking out, and then she flies away

13.09 He sits there very proudly in possession of the nest.

13.12 Sleepy time again.

13.15 He is alert. looking round and up, and calling.

Tiercel gets off the eggs.

He leaves the box, leaving the eggs on display.

13.15 Intruder alert! This immature peregrine is seen close by. The tiercel maybe chasing it off.

13.16 The eggs are not unattended for long, as the Falcon soon arrives.

She snuggles down on the eggs, facing north-west. She has a good old wriggle to get the eggs well covered.

13.18 She keeps looking over her shoulder.

13.24 She has a little shimmy on the eggs and then settles back down and dozes off. 13.28 She has a quick look around before relaxing again.

13.30-13.50 She is asleep on the eggs, stirring occasionally to have a brief check of her surroundings.

13.53 The Falcon preens her chest.

She then pecks at the gravel - it looks as though she may be eating some of it.

13.55 She stands and rolls the eggs and sits back down facing in a different direction. She has another good peck at the gravel.

13.56 She again stands and rolls the eggs, changing direction again

13.58 She once again stands and rolls the eggs, taking a long time over it and shuffling about before setting down facing the back of the box. Perhaps this time she is satisfied.

13.59 She sits with a piece of gravel in her beak.

14.00 More gravel pecking. Then she's up off the eggs, pecking at the gravel in the back left hand corner. Has she forgotten that she's supposed to be keeping those eggs warm in her anti-gravel frenzy?

14.02 She is still not sitting on the eggs.

14.03 She is finally back to brooding the eggs, facing north-east.

14.08 She must have heard something as she keeps rotating her head to look up.

14.10 She finally seems to be settled and gradually dozes off, occasionally looking around briefly.

14.32 She is suddenly very alert,

and shortly after this the Tiercel arrives.

They do a bit of a greeting and then she leaves and he settles down to brooding once more, facing south.

14.37 He does his bob and shuffle routine.

14.44 He sits bolt upright, staring out of the box, with the eggs visible as he looks as though he is about to take flight but then he returns to brooding as before.

14.47 Bobbing and shuffling, and back down again.

14.54 He stands and rearranges the eggs and then lowers himself back down, this time facing out of the box.

14.57 He looks up.

14.59 Another 90 degree turn so that he is now facing north.

15.00 Tiercel incubating facing right

15.10 Awake and looking about

15.34 Lots of looking about

16.10 He changes position and is facing away from the camera. One downy feather at his tail tip is fluttering in the breeze.

16.24 He shuffles and does his characteristic bob but remains in the same position

16.37 He turns around with wide eyes to look about (screen shot)

16.38 He bobs, hunkers and resettles

16.44 He looks around then returns his head to rest

Thank you to todays volunteers Debbie, Ann, Valerie, James and a special thanks to John for this pics from the watchpoint and to Ann for giving an educational talk to a private group.

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