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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 10/04/2022

9.00 Bright and sunny morning, 9 degrees but feels like 7 degrees. Light SW wind.

Falcon incubating.

9.02 She changes position and turns the eggs. She settles with her back to the camera slightly to the right. Her back half is in the sun

9.27 She changes position and is now facing right

9.32 She preens her chest

9.35 Tiercel flies in, she stands and flies away. He makes his characteristic bobs and settles facing left

9.45 Tiercel resting with closed eyes

9.58 He slightly adjusts his position and does more bobbing

10.32 He snaps at a passing fly

10.38 He pecks at gravel

10.39 He reshuffles and turns away from the camera

Thank you for the privilege of watching the private lives of these magnificent birds

11.36. Tiercel stands and turns a full 360 while repositioning the eggs

11.51. He turns around to face E

12.11. Shuffles to settle down still facing E

12.13. The falcon comes in and stands in front of the tiercel who slowly gives up his position. The falcon settles facing the back of the box, N

Previous change over had been at 12.13 when the falcon started incubating.

13.00 Falcon settled and sleeping.

13.17 Pecked at gravel for a couple of minutes, as usual more interested in white pieces.

13.20 Turned the eggs and changing position, facing the rear of the box briefly then turning to face forward again and sitting in the sun.

13.25 Pecking at the gravel again then moved off the eggs to the side of the box leaving the partially uncovered.

13.27 Returned a settled on the eggs.

13.43 Alert, focussed on some activity above her and calling.

13.48 Still calling and agitated. Moves to the front of the box and leaves the eggs.

13.50 The tiercel returns to incubate but remains alert and watchful for several minutes.

14.09 Watching some activity overhead.

14.20 Briefly preening then turning and settling over the eggs, extending the scrape a little.

14.24 Following the movement of a fly on the platform before sleeping.

14.53 Calling the falcon, who can be seen on the roof.

14.58 Change over. Falcon now settling down to incubate.

15.03 Falcon looks around whilst incubating.

15.18 Falcon shuffles and turns they eggs to keep them evenly heated.

16.26 Falcon pecks at the gravel and then preens.

16.33 Tiercel returns and incubate the eggs. The falcon flies off.

17.00 Tiercel remains incubating the eggs.

Thank you to todays volunteers for this blog- Jan, Brendon, Julia I and Debbie

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