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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 06/06/2022

Thank you to today's volunteers- Graham, Valarie, and Andrew

11.00, After a wet morning on the roof top the Juvenile is on the North side of the church roof.

11.15, Looks like the bad weather is starting to clear.

11.37, With the weather much improving the juvenile settles down. Still on the North side of the church roof overlooking Cromer pier.

12.13, Jack starts calling but neither parents arrive with food so he falls back to sleep once again.

12.16, The camera comes into action has a quick scan of the N/W turret then back to the juvenile where zooms in for a closer look.

12.18, Jack awakens has a quick stretch of his wings then quickly disappears out of sight.

12.23, Lots of calling going on in the background, then Jack reappears in front of the camera.

12.25, Jack jumps onto the edge of church roof, wings flapping he has a nice controlled flight onto the fleur-de-lis then jumps back down onto the church roof.

12.26, Feeling very brave he jumps onto the edge of the church roof again, not for long before he returns on the church roof disappearing South.

12.43, Camera moves into action scanning clockwise, finally finishing in the original position facing North.

13.00 There is no sign of the chick as I log on for my first shift in three weeks. Chris pans both cameras around across the whole roof, but the chick is nowhere to be seen. 13.18 Suddenly the chick appears from the right and makes its way up to the top of the roof. What a contrast with the last time I saw the chick when it was still a wobbly ball of white fluff with enormous yellow talons! 13.19 It walks along the apex towards the camera and disappears again 13.30 The camera picks the chick up, sitting on the centre of the apex of the roof, surrounded by moss and the remains of previous feeds 13.32 There is a sudden squawking and it looks like it's poised to take flight, but then settles again. He picks up a leg from a previous prey item but drops it again - not worth eating 13.33 It half runs, half flaps down the roof and disappears from sight 13.34 The Falcon flies onto the edge of the tower with prey, and moments later she is down in the guttering at the edge of the roof and the chick runs to her. She tears off pieces of meat and feeds them to it

13.40 The female now starts to eats the rest of the prey, having presumably satisfied the chick, which has wandered off to the right along the gutter

13.43 It turns out the chick is not full and it comes back for seconds 13.46 The Falcon sets to work to finish her meal 13.47 She takes the prey to the other side of the roof, and the chick follows, begging for more food 13.48 The Falcon flies up onto one of the turrets, leaving the youngster to run about in the guttering 13.51 It makes its way up the roof 3.53 The chick is snuggled down next to the wall, looking sleepy 13.54 It starts to doze, but still sitting 13.55 It is now lying down

13.56 And now fast asleep, the wind ruffling its feathers

14.15 It stirs for a moment but then falls asleep again. The bells chime the quarter hour and it opens its eyes for a second, but settles back immediately

14.37 The chick wakes and stretches its wings wide, before returning to its slumber

14.41 It has its eyes open, but continues to rest

14.51 It is up on its feet and has a very quick preen, but is soon back prone

14.52 It starts to pull as something caught between the tiles, and after a few tugs retrieves a feather.

14.53 Unimpressed with its find, it settles back down for another sleep

14.59 The chick looks around and calls. It appears to have an itch on its back, so has a scratch and a stretch.

15.00 It scratches its head and then starts to preen as I hand over to Andrew.

1500: Chick lying down on roof tiles behind parapet. Looks like he’s got most of his Dalit feathers. He gets up and wanders about having a really good preen for about half an hour.

1530: Chick flaps out of shot. Camera pans to follow. Chick at apex of roof close to north parapet. Heads towards north parapet. Could be getting ready to take the plunge? Can hear calling.

1543: Can hear chirping and calling- an adult flew past.

1549: Calling

1559: Calling

1615: Chick now in middle of roof.

1616: Henry brings in prey and starts feeding chick. He flies off after a bit leaving the prey with the chick.

1618: Chick pecking at prey and calling. Sounds like chick and both parents calling away.

1625: Inset cam focuses on chick feeding.

1635: Chick has been moving about roof with prey, forcing the cameras to reposition several times.

1639: Both cams now back on chick at apex of roof.

1643: Chick steps back from prey after good long feed., and moves out of shot.

1647: Chick actually on north parapet. Could this be it?

1700: Shift ends dramatically with chick flapping so hard he almost takes off. But he jumps back down behind parapet. Could well fledge soon!

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