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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog 06/05/2021

08.38, Henry arrives with prey only for Poppy to take it away from him, so she could feed her young and he leaves.

8.45, She stops feeding and leaves with the remains of the prey, leaving the chicks home alone.

0846, Henry arrives back, quickly settles down.

08.50, Poppy arrives back and once again he leaves with his tail between his legs.

09.00, Another beautiful day in Cromer with Poppy still in residence.

09.11, Poppy starts consuming stones to help with her digestion.

09.45, All very quiet with Poppy fast asleep facing West.

09.57, Suddenly a little white fluffy head appears from beneath Poppy.

10.00, Someone trying to do the great escape. Was so funny watch!

10.08, Another one at it, think mum and dad are going to have their wings full with these two.

10.39 - 10.45 The saga carries on with those two persistent little chicks.

10.51, He's made it, drat he falls asleep.

11.00 The falcon is facing to the right; she is in the shade. Several flies buzz by and discarded feathers flap in the breeze.

11.06 She changes position, the chicks are barely under her.

11.15 She changes position facing away. Each time she moves she tries to get the lively chick to be under the brood pouch.

11.29 She changes position facing to the right.

11.33 She is rather unsettled and changes position again facing forward.

11:34 - 11:53 She keeps changes her position.

11:56 The lively chick wiggles and again she tried to cover it.

12.02 The lively chick definitely wants out!

12.04 - 12:06 Falcon changes position again and again.

12.10 The same lively chick definitely wants out!

12.11 Falcon replaces the chick but it doesn't stay where she'd like it.

12.12 She changes again facing away.

12.22 Chick seems to want to be into the air and at last the falcon allows it. Chick ventures right out of the protection her pouch offers.

12.25 Chick looks at its mother. It is in a sunny spot.

12.26 Chick and mum face away.

12.27 Falcon stretches and flies off, leaving chicks (and egg) unattended. The determined chick is awake and chirping while the other chick is much sleepier. The tiercel flies in and tries to huddle over the sleepy chick.

12.28 Lively chick pecks at the beak of tiercel (as if to say 'Will you feed me?')

12.30 Lively chick preens. Falcon flies into the box bringing prey.

12.33 Tiercel remains where he was, she feeds the chicks, though my view is blocked by her.

12.34 The crop of the lively chick is already full and the sleepy chick is feeding though not so eagerly.

12.35 Tiercel leaves the box and flies off.

12.36 Falcon flies off taking the prey with her, leaving the chicks unattended. One chick is alert and the other floppy.

12.37 Tiercel returns to the box and tries to huddle over his family.

12.38 He huddles over lively chick leaving sleepy chick exposed but in plenty of warm sun.

12.43 All three birds are very unsettled and wiggly. Falcon lands back into the box bringing some prey with her. Tiercel flies off.

12.44 She feeds both chicks.

12.45 She flies off with the prey.

12.46 She returns without prey and nestles in, facing left. The heads of both chicks can be seen under her.13.00 tiercel is brooding.

13.05. Falcon flies back in and sits on the SE then drops down onto the roof.

14.00. Tiercel is resting on south side.

14.00 Falcon flies in with prey and feeds the chicks.

14.24. Tiercel leaves the Fleur de lis and disappears.

15:00 The Falcon continues her vigil in the sunshine. She stretches into the corner to reach stones, so the head of one chick appears on the far side, just inside her wing.

15:02 She retreats from her foraging, and shuffles round to face more or less away from the camera, then sprawls over the chicks. Not fully settled yet though, and she rotates first one way, then the other, then ends up where she started!

15:20 The Falcon tracks a large fly, looking like she would snap at it if she had the chance. She ignores it, and her right eye drifts shut, until the fly demands her attention again.

15:28 She extends her right leg and begins to preen, moving on to attend to her back, and then her neck, high on her throat in the most awkward spot.

15:36 The Falcon gapes her mouth wide open, just once.

15:42 She has a serious shuffle around, now facing the camera, and one of the chicks is out front trying for the haughty look, but not quite carrying it off! It keels over and slumps against Mum. She has yet another shuffle to get them all together again, now facing South-West.

15:53 One chick decides to have another explore. The Falcon draws it back towards her, and after a second or two it just collapses where it stands, just in front of her. It seems to be pausing for breath, as it then has another go, but not with any success. It is trying very hard to remain upright, sometimes rocking back against Mum.

15:58 The Falcon decides to draw everybody together again. All this time, the other chick has been quietly dozing, ignoring its sibling entirely. As a result of her efforts, the Falcon is now facing away from the camera with the chicks under, or at least in front of her.

16:02 Suddenly a white stream shoots out from under the Falcon’s front, as one of the chicks has target practice on the back wall of the platform. The Falcon gives a few calls, while looking over her shoulder, but no sign of the Tiercel at that moment.

16:07 The Falcon obviously doesn’t want to sit staring at the mess, so they are all facing South-West now. Both chicks are becoming more adventurous, trying to stand up in front of Mum.

16:10 Meanwhile, the Falcon has an energetic session of stone picking, so the chicks are underneath her, but then a head pops up from under her right wing!

16:14 The Falcon begins calling, then the Tiercel arrives with food. He hands it over, and she sets about feeding the chicks, so he turns and leaves again.

16:18 The chicks are stuffed, so the Falcon picks up the rest of the carcass and leaves the platform. The Tiercel returns, and begins his struggle to provide cover!

16:24 To his relief, the Falcon returns, and he leaves again.

16:28 It looks like one of the chicks has got one of its wings out from under the Falcon. There is a fluffy white mass just beyond her right wing.

16:36 The Falcon has another shuffle, but the wing of one chick is still stubbornly poking out from under her right wing. The impression is that the chick’s head is just under the Falcon’s wing. She shuffles a little more, and it is no longer visible.

16:41 It seems like Mother and children can’t agree on the most comfortable arrangement of limbs and bodies, so they have to keep trying to get the best position for all.

16:43 The Falcon gapes her beak, then starts some preening, before she has yet another shuffle.

16:45 Now it’s the turn of the egg to be shepherded around! The Falcon is now facing East.

16:53 Further shuffling has ended with the Falcon facing North, into the back of the platform. The chicks seem to have quietened down, so she has an opportunity to pick at some stones, though just briefly.

16:58 As the Falcon has another pick at stones, we can see a chick under her left wing, and the egg under her right.

17:00 The session ends with the Falcon busily picking stones, facing into the back of the platform, and away from the camera. As she stretches right forward, her brood are all visible under her tail.

A huge thanks to our wonderful volunteers: Graham, Debbie, Julia and Peter for today's blog.

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