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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 05/06/2022

Thank you to todays volunteers- Graham and Julia

09.00, Not a nice start of the blog on this horrible rainy Sunday Morning with the juvenile huddled in the N/W corner of the church roof.

09.30, All very quiet with the juvenile in the same position.

09.41, Henry comes in with prey with the juvenile waiting to be fed.

09.43, Henry decides to depart, leaving the prey for the juvenile.

09.45, The juvenile decides to take his breakfast to another part of the church roof, where there's more remains waiting for her.

09.56, After a good fill, she moves to the edge of the the church roof, she's quickly disappears out of sight.

10.05, The camera starts rotating slightly anti clockwise to find the juvenile hiding out of the rain and wind in the N/E corner of the church roof.

10.23, More food brought in by one of the adults, quickly snatched away by the juvenile.

10.25, Once again the juvenile decides to take prey out of the the cameras sight.

10.35, Camera finds her once again, still feeding her face.

10.43, Ships ahoy.

11.00, That's me finished with the juvenile still looking out to sea.

11.15. The chick is lying close to the edge of the N side, dozing.

11.30. Chick is standing looking out to sea.

11.50. Lots of adult calling, chick looks skywards and flaps wings.

12.20. Hasn’t moved, still standing close to the edge, preening.

12.31. Lots of wing flapping and ‘wing jumps’ to the centre of the roof, picks up prey remains from an earlier feed and eats.

12.40. Leaves the prey and walks up the E side gutter into the shadows of the NE corner where more prey is found. Proceeds to feed.

12.50. Moves further up the roof. Can be seen passing across the inset view to the N edge. The camera finds the chick back in its favourite spot, looking seawards, perhaps down onto the roof below where pigeons are gathered.

13.45. Still on the N edge sleeping.

14.40. Still in the same position now looking seawards.

14.51. A quick view of the falcon on the NW pinnacle as the camera pans around.

14.57. The chick moves back onto the ridge. Lots of wing flapping.

14.58. It runs off down towards the E gutter out of sight.

15.03. It if found in the NE corner eating previously cached prey from earlier this morning.

15.10. Back in its favourite position on the northern edge overlooking the sea, time for another sleep.

15.40 Moves away from the edge onto the centre roof and is joined by the tiercel with fresh prey. Dad feeds the youngster.

15.48. The tiercel pulls the prey to one side to pluck and the chick moves in for more.

15.55. The tiercel flies away with the remains, followed by the chick, out of view.

16.02. Dad and chick are found behind the box feeding. After a couple of minutes dad leaves with the remains and the chick stays.

16.10. Chick moves away down the roof and is found hiding under the walkway where it stays until at least 16.45.

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