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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 05/05/2022

08:48 The Tiercel had been sitting with the chicks, then the Falcon came in, so he left and she took over, shuffling into place facing East.

09:00 She has another fidget round, but has not yet got settled. Prospect is for a hotter day today, so perhaps the chicks will not need to be sheltered so much. They still keep close company with the egg, which is still being incubated by both birds, despite the likelihood that it will never hatch.

09:18 Very little movement at the moment, apart from a lone feather waving in the breeze at the front of the platform. The Falcon is relaxed, and seems sprawled over the chicks.

09:29 Still with wings spread, the Falcon looks back over her shoulder for a few seconds, but then returns to her relaxed pose.

09:44 The Falcon’s body language indicates that she is picking at stones in the back of the platform.

09:58 She has been looking over her shoulder for a few moments, although the only apparent distraction would appear to be a large fly!

10:04 The Falcon is looking around, more alert, and seems on the point of standing up, although that could just be to give the chicks a bit more room. It comes to nothing, and she settles back down.

10:16 She rises up once more, which suggests that the chicks are moving around again, then she actually does get up and shuffle a little, before settling again. Possible further stone picking too. She is now facing North and away from the camera.

10:20 The Watchpoint reports that the Tiercel is perched on the South-West pinnacle with blood –stained feathers, so presumably he has had a good breakfast!

10:24 The Falcon continues to fidget around, and is now facing North-West, into the left corner of the platform.

10:30 She starts a session of preening, first her left side, and then inside her right wing. Then she picks at one or two stones.

11:00 This session ends as it started, with the Falcon sitting on the chicks.

11.00 Falcon is on the platform she is sleepy, mostly in the shade and facing left.

It is a sunny, warm day with current temperature 13 degrees and a slight NW breeze.

11.14 A fly disturbs her slumber

11.29 She stretches and fans her wing and tail feathers....beautiful! She resettles over her brood

11.49 Another, or same fly disturbs her

12.00 She stretches and fans her tail feathers again. She stands and goes to the front of the box and collects some prey. I do not know how it got there. The chicks wake and she starts to feed them.

12.03 Falcon flies off leaving the chicks unattended

12.04 The tiercel lands into the nest and huddles over his chicks facing away from the camera

12.05 Falcon lands back into the nest carrying a plucked, long, bloody strip of flesh. Tiercel flies off and she feeds the chicks.

12.09 She is still feeding the chicks and their crops are beginning to bulge

12.15 As well as feeding the chicks she is also feeding

12.16 One chick's head flops to the ground as the exertion of feeding overcomes it

12.19 The feed is over and she nestles over her chicks. Apart from her head, she is in full sun

12.40 She changes position and ends up facing away

12.54 She reshuffles and is now facing left

12.56 She calls out and I see her blood smeared beak

13.00 Falcon on platform covering chicks.

13.04 Tiercel arrives with fresh prey but leaves with it almost immediately.

13.06 Repositions herself over the chicks facing the rear of the platform so her head and chest are in the shade.

13.09 Preens briefly then repositions over chicks making no attempt to brood the egg.

13.13 Preens briefly before settling over the chicks, mantling her wings which gives them more space and allows for more air to circulate.

13.18 Repositioning with ,angled wings, facing the rear of the box but focussed on so,E external activity.

13.31 Preening again and using her body and wings to shield the chicks.

13.34 Pecking at the gravel. She looks very hot and is panting with gaping beak.

13.45 Observing a fly which keeps landing on her. These become more of a problem in the warm weather and has more prey remnants are left on the platform

13.47 Preens again then repositions leaving the chicks barely covered.

13.56 Dozing then preening intermittently for several minutes

14.22 The chicks are obviously gaining strength and able to project their mutes much further judging by the soiling on the camera lens!

14.28 - 36 Pecking gravel at the rear of the platform, eventually stretching out so that the chicks are uncovered. They take the opportunity to stand up and have a look around for a few minutes.

14.36 She sits high in the platform with the chicks against her chest.

14.42 She preens again as does one of the chicks.

14.54 Preening, paying particular attention to her tail feathers, stretching and shielding the chicks.

Tiercel on SW pinnacle.

15.09 Adult has left the nest chicks moving about a little they look in good shape 15.10 Adult, possibly Tiercel has come onto the nest not much happening 15.20 changeover again chick looking for food from the adult, but no food on offer

15 45 adult having a doze 1548 Possibly calling or it maybe a yawn 15 53 chicks are quite active at the moment 15.55-6 changeover could be Falcon coming in, but no food, chicks are covered by adult now Nothing else of note to report but good to see the chicks doing well

16.00 - 17.00 May 5th 2022

General comment - the female bird was very particular about arranging the unhatched egg under her body still, as she was encouraging the chicks to tuck themselves under too. I was wondering if she is not aware of the failed hatch? Is she ever hopeful I wonder?


As for most of this hour the female was very attentive to the chicks and the egg. She is partly standing up I think

01 This time she moves the egg slightly away from her body.

02. Pushes egg back under her body eats a few stones and continues to fidget.

05 Chicks exposed and lively. Female eats stones.

08 Chick really alert and then flops down.

10 Female shifting, some movement from chicks, then female looking out of box.

16 Calling.

17 F partly stands up I think and still looking out.

22 F preening Chicks exposed but sun is shining on them. Attentive when chicks move, F moves to face East. Chicks covered. Egg in view.

25 Preening. Chicks still.

30 Facing South. Still partly standing with chicks exposed.

44 still facing south with chicks and the egg in a line.

49 one chick called the other did a poo.

50 F very alert and looking out.

51 F facing East completely covering chicks.

53 -60 Exposed again. Still facing East. In same position more or less till17.00 hours.

Thanks to todays volunteers- Peter, Debbie, Jan, Barbara and Sue

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