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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 05/04/2022

09.00 Another grey day in Cromer. The falcon is incubating having taken over from the tiercel shortly before 8.50. She looks settled but wind is ruffling her feathers.

08.56 She is suddenly alert and looking round, turns eggs and settles while remaining alert. There are a few rain drops on the camera lens.

09.15 Settled

09.28 Alert again very briefly.

09.36 Preening, shuffling eggs and then pecking at and eating gravel for several minutes. Especially interested in smallest and palest stones.

09.40 Turned the eggs, tucked them more closely beneath her then settled.

09.44 Unihemispheric sleep very briefly. The wind seems stronger.

09.47 A welcome shaft of sunlight across the platform and she is alert and watchful.

09.53 Very breezy and she remains alert.

09.59 Sleeping.

10.01 Alert and watchful and remains so for several minutes.

10.18 Pecking at the gravel.

10.21 Repositioning the ages and changing her own position in about 5 minutes of sunshine.

10.39 Watchful and alert.

10.48 Remains watchful and is focussed on something going on above her.

10.54 Pecking gravel again and has found a small greyish feather in the gravel and is pecking that.

10.58 Very alert and disturbed by something.

11.00 our falcon (Poppy) has been sitting all morning. She is facing the entrance of the nest box and occasionally pecks at the gravel.

11.04 Poppy is seeing something outside and moves off the eggs and moves to the front of the nest box and leaves the eggs uncovered

11.05 our male (Henry) comes in an immediately covers the three pink/brown eggs sitting across the nest box

11.15 some repositioning of himself on the eggs and settles down

12.20 another shuffle and now facing the back of the box

12.34 something is taking his attention behind him but he doesn’t turn around

13.04. The tiercel gives a little shuffle and bob while still facing the back of the box.

13.29. Again he shuffles briefly giving a glimpse of one of the eggs underneath him.

13.53. He seems alert but soon relaxes.

14.02. Shuffles and rocks himself over the eggs.

14.03. Not happy does it again.

14.11. Something attracts his attention as he peers over his left shoulder looking towards the outside world.

14.17. Stands and turns to the left, West, exposing the eggs quickly.

14.25. Alert! He stands and leaves the box

14.26. On the inset camera he is seen running along the roof into the box and settles quickly over the eggs facing E, still looking out of the box.

14.28. Alarm calling. Sits up very agitated. The inset view shows a bird sitting on the roof but this is masked by the white lettering, Falcon?

14.31. The problem appears to be over, he settles.

14.40. Again the inset view shows the falcon running along the roof and she enters the box, change over, the tiercel dutifully leaves. She settles over the eggs facing E

14.54. She stands and rearranges the eggs, now facing SW.

3.00 Falcon is incubating, she is awake and facing left. Her feathers are being ruffled by the wind

3.01 She pecks at gravel, gets up, turns the eggs and resettles facing right

3.20 She is alert and looking about

3.33 She shuffles and resettles facing away from the camera

3.34 Wind really ruffling her feathers

3.35 She looks intently behind

3.40 Sleeping

3.47 She is awake and looks behind

3.50 She moves some pieces of gravel, turns the eggs and settles facing right

3.52 She shuffles and resettles facing left

4.06 Falcon looking keenly upwards and about

4.07 Looks keenly upwards and about again

4.13 Briefly asleep

4.43 She rearranges her eggs and settles facing right

Thank you to todays volunteers; Richard, Jan, Julia and Debbie

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