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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 04/04/2022

08:56 Tiercel is sitting on his eggs looking right and the wind is ruffling his feathers, the gravel at the front of box looks damp. 09:00 Tiercel becomes alert and looks around. 09:11 Tiercel repositions himself so looking left, the three eggs are visible and moved a little and he settles again looking to our left. 09:25 The sun starts to shine intermittently! 09:47 Tiercel becomes restless, stands up and rolls the eggs and settles again looking left or west. 09:50 Tiercel hunkers down low and is very dozy 09:58 Tiercel becomes alert and looks up, then stands up, rolls the eggs and bows to them, rotates clockwise and settles with back to camera and he has no view! 10:06 Tiercel becomes alert again and looks towards camera over his back. 10:12 Tiercel continues to stare hard out towards the south and Morrisons. 10:13 Tiercel starts to call out and then Falcon arrives, he stands up and vacates the box as the Falcon settles on eggs looking to the right/east, eggs briefly seen.

10:25 Falcon is settled over eggs with the sun on her back and feathers ruffled by the wind. 10:33 Falcon picks up a small stone and repositions it carefully. 10:36 Falcon gently shuffles her body and eggs. 10:38 More gravel moving 10:40 She picks up one small white stone and keeps it in her beak and open for 3 minutes before dropping it. Gentle looking round and flicking her tail up and down. 10:45 Falcon does some more stone moving, stands up and shuffles eggs before rotating clockwise to sit facing left/west facing out. 10:57 Falcon is restful and dozes with one eye closing. 11:00 Falcon become more alert and looks round repeatedly to South east. 11:00 Time to hand over….

11.00 Falcon brooding, but alert

11.15 Now dozing

11.25 Pecking at stones, then turns eggs and changes position.

11.35 Change of position again

12.16 Turning eggs again

12.25 Tiercel arrives and they change over. No further

action until..

12.56 Tiercel turns eggs then settles down.

13.00 The Tiercel is on the eggs facing out of the box. He seems very relaxed, despite the wind blowing his feathers about.

13.10 He opens his eyes and has a quick look about, before relaxing back into a doze.

13.28 He looks alert and has his head up.

13.29 He pecks at the gravel and then stands up, revealing the eggs and does his usual bobbing before he settles back onto the eggs.

13.30 -14.15 He is asleep, occasionally with one eye open.

14.16 Suddenly he pecks at the gravel.

14.17 He stands over the eggs, has a quick bob and then sits down again, but something is not quite right so he stands again and rearranges the eggs. He turns to face the southwest corner of the box and resettles.

14.19 He looks around and then he starts to rearrange the gravel again. He means business, spending several minutes doing this.

14.20, He rolls the egg, and then lowers himself back on to them, but still something isn't quite right. He keeps shuffling about and moving the eggs.

14.21 Finally he has a whole-body wriggle as he relaxes onto the scrape, facing south.

14.22 He appears to be chirruping, and keeps looking around.

14.25 Although he remains alert, he looks relaxed again.

14.28 After a quick peck at the gravel his eyes start to close.

14.36 He is awake again for a little while, looking round and alert, as though he has heard something. After a few minutes he returns to snoozing.

14.55 It's gravel time again. This always seems to be a precursor to him have a bit of a fidget about, and sure enough, he stands up and fidgets a bit before resuming his former position.

1500: Tiercel is incubating eggs, facing to the left. Alternating with eye in view closed and then with head up looking around. But overall seems generally relaxed.

1526: Tiercel briefly has head up to look around then dozed off again.

1538: Tiercel calls then pecks at gravel. Shuffles slightly on eggs, and is now more alert and appears to be vocalising. A minute or so later, he settles down for a snooze.

1604: Tiercel has head up and looks really alert now.

1606: Appears to be vocalising.

1621: Pecking at gravel and calling.

1622: He has a good shuffle on the eggs and settles back down facing right.

1622 to 1642. Alternating between looking around and snoozing.

1642: He has another good shuffle of the eggs and then settles back down facing to the left again. Spends the rest of the time looking around and snoozing.

1700: End of shift.

Thank you to todays volunteers: James, Ann, Valerie and Andrew

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