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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 01/05/2022

05.50, Henry arrives with prey, Poppy takes it from him then starts feeding her young, Henry disappears in the mean time.

05.54, Poppy finishes feeding her chicks and disappears with the remains of the prey.

05.55, Henry arrives back to take his place looking after the chicks.

06.07, Poppy soon returns to take over from Henry. Henry quickly disappears leaving Poppy to get comfy. Facing N /E.

06.10, Couple of hours sleep for me now, then breakfast will see you all at 09.00.

09.00, Morning all, Starting another blog with Poppy in residence.

09.05, Poppy finds a snack to nibble on.

09.23 Poppy shuffles clockwise from South to West sits there with one of her chicks head poking out from beneath her.

09.37, Preen time, got to look good for the camera.

09.39, Henry came in with prey, stood there for a minute, then disappears with it. Poppy wasn't amused.

09.48, Poppy gets up and disappears for a second, then arrives back with prey and starts feeding her young.

09.55, Finishes feeding her young, settles down facing South.

10.20, Poppy getting very agitated, calling out, but she's not budging. With one chick and the one remaining egg on show.

10.21, Henry comes in with prey, once again he disappears with it. She not happy starts calling out again.

10.28, In comes Henry once again with prey, sits front her, feeds her a couple of times then disappears with it once again.

10.44, She starts calling out once again. She's not happy with him at all.

10.47, She shuffles clockwise settles down facing West, then consumes a few stones to help with her digestion.

10.56, Poppy, two chicks and the one remaining egg nicely on show.

11.00, Shift now over, handing over to Andrew.

1100: shift starts with Falcon standing over egg and chicks and preening. Chicks snoozing.

Remains of prey item and a couple of feathers to her left.

1102: She settles down on chicks.

1107: Falcon relaxed, facing cam, snoozing, occasionally looking around.

1110: Falcon up on wings. Chicks and egg just visible. Chicks shuffling about.

1125: Falcon preening. Seem up and alert, looking around.

1126: Falcon now standing fully up.

1127: Falcon now down, trying to tuck egg back underneath her. Chicks seem intent on push it back out.

1129: Part of egg and head of one of the chicks just poking out from minder mum.

1132: One chick tries to elbow its way out, briefly. Falcon settle back down.

1137: Falcon relaxed, with one eye closed.

1147: Falcon up on wings showing chicks and egg.

1152: Falcon now fully standing. Chicks quite restless.

1157: Falcon settling back down. One chick just visible.

1200: Falcon picking at gravel.

1201: Falcon shuffles around to face cam, shuffling egg further under her. Now she is up on wings. Chicks shuffling about.

1204: One chick has wing over egg. Big brother/sister instinct?

1220: Falcon shuffles about and calls. Preens wing feathers and then stands more upright to preen all over.

1222: Falcon now down on chicks.

1226: Both chicks just visible under mum.

1231: Falcon standing fully up and preening. Chicks starting to get active.

1234: Falcon settles down completely covering chicks and egg.

1237: Falcon has right eye shut.

1242: Falcon alert and looking around.

1244: Falcon raised up, chicks jostling egg about.

1246: Just spotted what appears to be a small hole in egg. Could be wishful thinking and just be a shell marking though

1252: Falcon still up on wings and chicks fidgeting about.

1255: Tiercel comes in with prey (possibly part of a starling) and then flies out. Chicks really excited now. Falcon starts feeding chicks from carcass.

1259: Dinner time over and Falcon settles back down on chicks. And on that note, it’s over to Debbie.

13.00 Just as I started my watch, a meal was being served by the Falcon. It may have been starling.

13.01 She stopped feeding the chicks and settles over her egg and chicks

13.16 She is suddenly alarmed, gets of her nest and flies off

13.17 Chicks are awake and cheep. They are unattended for a couple of minutes.

13.18 Tiercel lands into the nest and does his best to cover the egg and chicks. Off screen there was an intruder which the tiercel tried to fend off, she went successfully to support him.

13.20 He is highly alert watching above and a buzzing fly

13.28 All settled until a fly buzzes by

13.39 He looks about a great deal. Is it still that fly?

13.40 Tiercel makes an effort to cover the egg and chicks but they are somewhat exposed. The fly buzzes again distracting him.

13.46 He calls. She arrives with prey

13.47 She feeds the chicks but I can't see properly as she blocks the view.

13.48 Tiercel remains in the box and watches on

13.52 He flies off and she continues to feed the chicks and herself

13.54 She settles and covers her family. She is facing right

13.58 All settled, covered and calm

14.13 She shuffles and re covers her brood

14.20 She preens her chest and back quarters

14.24 Still preening

14.27 Preening continues

14.28 She settles facing left

14.30 She pecks at gravel making a dip in it. She stretches her body so much that I can see her chicks and egg underneath her.

14.33 One chick 'yawns'

14.34 She resettles facing the camera

14.49 She preens

15.00 Falcon brooding the two chicks

15.05 Falcon is pecking at the gravel

15.09 Falcon is preening her feathers

15.15 Male joins the female in the nest

15.57 Falcon again pecking at the gravel

16.11 Falcon starts to call the male then comes in with food

16.15 Falcon starts to feed the chicks

16.20 Falcon flies off with food to keep the nest box clean. The male comes in and broods the chicks

16.23 Falcon returns to the chicks

17.00 Falcon remains in the box with the chicks and 1 egg (that will not hatch).

Thanks to todays volunteers- Andrew, Graham, Brendon and Debbie

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