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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 02/04/2022

8.45 Female on south east turret calling

8.50 Male on eggs calling back

8.53 Male leaves in a hurry

8.53.5 They copulate on south east turret

8.54 Female returns to eggs

8.55 Male flies off

Weather this morning: Sunny intervals, 7 degrees with light wind from NNE

9.00 Falcon settles and rests facing away from camera

9.37 She looks behind

9.45 Preens a little

9.59 Preens again

10.01 Turns eggs and resettles facing right

10.03 Turns eggs again and settles to face left

10.10 She flies off leaving eggs unattended (off my screen I find out that he has brought her food)

10.11 Tiercel takes over the incubation, facing left

10.19 He shuffles but settles as he was

10.29 He is alert, shuffles and scrapes gently

10.32 He is sleeping

10.43 Disturbed by a passing fly

10.49 He shuffles and hunkers down again still facing left

11.00, Taking over from Debbie with Henry incubating his eggs in the beautiful Cromer sun. 11.17, Poppy suddenly arrives, evicting Henry. She strides over to her eggs shuffles and makes herself comfy incubating her eggs.

11.43, Poppy starts taking in stones to help with her digestion, repositions herself facing the left hand side of the nest box. 11.54, Poppy taking more stones, shuffles a whole 360 degrees, settles down once again. 12.12, Henry arrives hoping to take over but Poppy just looks at him, No Chance! 12.26, Poppy shuffles about gets herself comfy after being disturbed by Henry. 12.34, Henry arrives back once again, she sits there not moving, whilst Henry just sits there. Stubborn mule.

12.39, Henry gives up and leaves with his tail between his legs.

12.56, Once again Poppy moves from facing the left hand side of the nest box to the front. 13.07, By the look of Poppy's head movements there might be something going on, Predator maybe. 13.30, Third time lucky, Henry arrives evicts Poppy and takes his place incubating.

14.00, All quiet on the Eastern front. 14.24, Henry still incubating, facing the left hand side of the nest box. 14.50, Henry starts turning his eggs, then makes himself comfy in the lovely Cromer sun. 15.00, Now handing over to Zoe, hoping she has a great shift!

16:12 The Tiercel (male) readjusts her position and then settles back down on the eggs

16:32 He revels the eggs momentarily before settling down again to incubate.

16:44 He repositions to face the back of the box.

17:04 The shift ends with the Tiercel asleep on the eggs.

Thank you to todays volunteers: Graham, Debbie and Zoe

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1 commentaire

kate Jones
kate Jones
03 avr. 2022

Thanks again wonderful data

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