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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 01/06/2022

Thank you to Graham, Jane, Chris and Kim for todays blog.

08.40, In comes Poppy with breakfast tug of war commences between the two of them.

08.51, Breakfast finished Poppy departs with the remains of the prey, shortly followed by the juvenile.

09.24, It's been quiet since the feed apart some calling out by the juvenile.

10.00, Still all quiet on the Eastern front.

10.08, A bit more calling out by the juvenile, but no Peregrines in sight.

10.30, Still very quiet, good thing it's stopped raining.

10.41, The camera comes into action scanning clockwise, comes across.....

10.43, Poppy sitting on the South side of the church, then.....

10.44, The juvenile bottom of the roof West side.

10.52, Nice to see her strengthening her wing muscles.

10.54, Wing exercises finished, She decides to go for a adventure of the church roof and disappears out of sight.

11.38, Female top north east pinnacle. Male on east between the “gingerbread men”

13.20 Falcon is tucked in behind the fluer de lis on south side

20.20 The Juvenile has ventured to the edge of the roof

20.18 The Juvenile is back in the nest box.

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