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Cromer Peregrine Project Activity Blog- 08/04/2022

09.00, Start of another shift with Henry facing West, busy incubating his three eggs since he took over at 05.23

09.05, Henry has a little shuffle and settles back down.

09.31, Alot of head movement's from Henry, making me think is Poppy about or is there something happening we can't see.

09.37, Time for a change of scenery, has a shuffle and a scrape then makes himself comfy now facing N/E.

09.59, Another change of position now facing North, then starts calling out. Nothing happens.

10.09, Change over. Poppy comes in and Henry quickly departs leaving Poppy to get comfy incubating. Settles facing North.

10.39, At last we have movement, Poppy shuffles round, letting us have a quick look of her eggs until she finally settles now facing out from the nest box. South

10.57, She starts taking in stones to help with her digestion, then moves now facing N/E

11.00, Now handing over to Debbie with the falcon still incubating.

11.00 Falcon is incubating, she is facing away from the camera.

Today the weather is calmer, with bright sunshine but it is very chilly especially in the shade.

11.07 She looks around

11.25 She changes position and then again, ends up facing right, in full sun apart from her head

11.37 She pecks at gravel

11.38 She changes position slightly and looks about her

11.57 Tiercel arrives and they change over. He settles facing away from the camera

12.00 He changes position and faces left

12.16 He changes position again facing away and slightly to the right. He bobs as he settles

12.33 He shuffles and settles directly away from the camera

12.46 He is alert and looking about

12.49 He turns eggs, bobs and settles

13.00, Now taking over from Debbie with Henry fast asleep incubating his three eggs in the lovely Cromer sun. Facing N/W.

13.27, At last he awakens, shuffles and turns clock wise, now facing North where he starts taking in stones for his digestion.

13.39, In comes Poppy, stands over Henry where he sits there in defiance. Brave boy!

13.42, Poppy leaves with her tail between her legs, with Henry still glued to the nest box.

14.04, In comes Poppy once again, towers over Henry, when he decides enough is enough and quickly leaves. Then she makes herself comfy on her eggs, falls asleep facing West.

14.31, Poppy eventually awakens has a look around then falls asleep again.

14.42, Poppy once again awakens and starts taking in stones, she shuffles taking in more stones, eventually making her way round. Settles facing S/W.

15.28, It's not easy keeping awake, when you're watching Poppy dozing

15.40, She's still asleep!

15.58, She's awake!

16.00, That's me finished for the day, now handing over to Debbie for the second time with Poppy still fast asleep.

16.00 The falcon is incubating and resting, facing outward

16.11 The tiercel flies in, falcon gets up and flies away. He bobs to incubate and hunkers down, facing front /left

16.13 He readjusts his position and faces left

16.16 He bobs again

16.21 And again he bobs

16.38 He takes up a new position and ends up in full sun, facing right

Thank you to Graham and Debbie for todays blog.

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