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Cromer Peregrine Project Activity Blog- 07/04/2022

WhatsApp message explains that at 5.53 Poppy left the nest box and Henry came straight in to take over incubation.

At 8.04 Henry was agitated went to the front of the nest box and Poppy comes to the eggs a minute later.

8.30am Very windy, 54 mph WSW, 9 degrees but feels like 5, cloudy with some strong sunshine

9.00 Falcon incubating facing right

9.37 She changes position, shuffling anticlockwise and settles away from the camera

9.41 Her tail and wing feathers are being ruffled by the strong wind, she looks around briefly and resettles

10.07 She changes position and settles facing to the left

10.42 She looks upwards with intent but resettles

10.55 She turns clockwise to settle again facing away from the camera

11.10. Facing the back of the box, north, she looks over her shoulder then places her head down as she blown by the wind.

11.23. The inset view shows the tiercel running along the roof and into the box. Quick changeover as the falcon leaves. Tiercel settles facing W

11.41. He turns whilst rocking over the eggs, now facing NW

12.17. Tiercel bobs and shuffles, still facing NW

12.26. He stands and looks underneath at the eggs. A bit od feet shuffling and then lays down facing W.

12.38. He looks upwards, a few spots of rain.

12.53. He looks around and calls a couple of times, looks up again.

13:00 The Tiercel is relaxing in a bit of sunshine. His head droops gently down until his beak is almost touching the stones. Then a quick look to check all is OK.

13:06 He starts off stone picking with one eye closed, then shuffles around and settles facing into the far left corner.

13:13 Tiercel begins calling, then the Falcon arrives. A quick changeover, and he leaves the platform. She settles on the eggs, directly away from the camera, facing effectively North.

13:26 As happened yesterday, the Falcon is having to tolerate the turbulence within the platform, which is probably stronger today. At least there is sun!

13:57 The clouds must be racing over, as the sun comes and goes so quickly!

14:00 The Falcon begins a session of stone picking, again holding one in her beak for a few seconds. She is on a bit of a mission, inspecting the stones intently.

14:03 She shuffles round, now facing East, picks at a few more stones, then stands, fluffs herself up, and settles on the eggs again to face South-East.

14:27 The Falcon had been sitting quietly for some minutes, then began to stretch her neck a few times, then started stone picking again. At one point she held one up and looked as if she was about to swallow it, and on review it seems that she may well have done so! She picks up and holds another for a second or two, before discarding it and resuming her search.

14:32 She stands, moves the eggs around, and gradually moves round to settle, but is not entirely happy, continues to move herself and the eggs, until she ends up facing nearly North again, away from the camera. She still seems alert though, looking back over her shoulder.

14:45 The Falcon suddenly starts looking around, quite alert, then it becomes apparent that a heavy rain shower has arrived! The camera lens quickly becomes obscured with raindrops – at least I think it’s rain and not white stuff! It seems to be extra squally as the Falcon is buffeted by the wind.

15:00 Session ends with the Falcon incubating, facing almost North, away from the camera.

15.00 Very windy today, back to the camera, looks round now and again

15.14 Brief glimpse of the eggs as she moved around and now facing forward

15.45 No activity at all just sitting having a doze

15.58 another little shuffle around with the eggs on view again

Very strong wind outside causing ruffled feathers throughout the hour. Very little movement during this hour.

16.00 bird (Poppy?) sitting on eggs, alert and facing out of the box.

O3 relaxing more but in same position.

06 alert again

10 relaxed.

from 10 -25 relaxed with the occasional slight movement of head and looking out. Still in the same sitting position.

25-27 alerted by apparent movement from outside

27-30 relaxed

32 squawking - shifted body very slightly

32 -45 relaxed again.

45 alert - looking out moving head

50 - relaxing

58. maneuvers eggs sits back down facing right.

No sight of other bird throughout.

Thank you to todays volunteers for this blog- Peter D, Julia I, Debbie, Barbara and Sue

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