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Cromer Peregrine Activity Log 08/05/2022

08.52 Henry busy brooding his little ones.

08.55 Henry leaves comes back a second later, shimmies down gets comfy facing East.

08.58 Poppy arrives with prey, Henry departs leaving her to feed their chicks.

09.10 She leaves with the remains of the prey a minute later in comes Henry to look after their young.

09.15 Poppy arrives back once again and takes over from Henry.

09.29 She decides to have a change of scenery, shuffles anti clockwise eventually settles down facing North.

10.32 Henry comes in with prey, she eventually takes from him, he departs leaving her to feed her chicks.

10.36 Poppy leaves with the remains of the prey, Henry arrives once again.

10.45 Poppy arrives and takes over from Henry.

13.00 Falcon is in part shade , covering her chicks. She is facing right and all is calm and still.

14.00 One chick emerges from the pouch but mum re-covers it.

14.11 The falcon preens while her chicks sleep.

14.12 Falcon is now still and chicks continue to sleep.

14.19 Chicks awake and wiggly.

14.24 Falcon gets up and flies off leaving the chicks in a heap unattended.

14.25 One chick wakes and wiggles the other continues to rest. Tiercel lands into box and tries to cover his family. One chick is having none of it.

14.26 Tiercel flies off and falcon lands into the box carrying prey.

14.27 Both chicks awake, one feeds and the other looks on.

14.32 The feed is still happening. I cannot see well, as falcon blocks my view.

14.33 Falcon feeds herself too.

14.37 I'm pleased to see two full crops. Falcon flies off with remaining prey.

14.40 She is back and huddles effectively facing left. She uses her partly opened wing to shade / shelter her chicks.

14.46 One chick explores beyond the pouch.

15.36 After an hour of very little movement from the falcon she starts pecking at the gravel.

15.39 She then starts preening after the gravel pecking.

16.01 The female goes to the edge of the box and starts to call. she soon flies off.

16.05 The male now returns to the chicks.

16.43 Similar to the female the male continues to brood the chicks for well over 30 minutes with little movement but he become aware of something outside the box and starts looking around.

16.45 Although staying firmly on the chicks the male begins to call. The commotion soon goes and he relaxes again and stays with the chicks until we leave them for the day.

The blog is courtesy of the fantastic Graham, Debbie and Brendon

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