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Cromer Peregrine Activity Blog- Fledgling Update- 09/06/2022

Thank you to todays volunteers- Debbie and Mike

The Peregrine Sunset from yesterday- thanks Chris

11.00 No peregrines in view but the pea green sea was as calm as a mill pond.

11.42 The camera searches but locates no birds.

12.00 The church clock bongs twelve

12.05 The camera searches and finds Jack. He is facing away from the camera on one arm of a south facing fleur de lis. He is alert and curious.

12.20 He preens and stretches one leg, followed by more preening. He is meticulous as he preens under his wing.

12.24 He continues to preen.

12.30 BONG

12.35 He takes as very short hop / flight to get a bit higher, and then higher still. The camera adjusts so that he is easily visible. He is now atop the fleur de lis.

12.36 Some lovely close ups of the juvenile. A few fluffy feathers remain but his new plumage looks beautiful.

12.46 He preens and turns on the tip of the fleur de lis. How confident and assured. He stretches one leg backwards and then rests his foot.

12.48 He flies off to the west out of view but he went to the SW pinnacle observed by Andrew at the Watch Point.

12.51 Camera located him in this position as he preens some more.

13.00 There is peregrine calling as I have to leave my watch.

14.15 Falcon on SE pinnacle with the juvenile on the turret below.

14. 23 Tiercel flew back landing on the E side

14.31 Juvenile and falcon flying.

14.34 Falcon on the gargoyle with prey.

18.30 Tiercel flies in on the SW pinnacle above the juvenile who then makes a confident flight around the tower and lands on the SW pinnacle.

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