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Cromer Peregrine Activity Blog- Fledging Special Edition- 07/06/2022

Thank you to todays volunteers- Graham, Peter and Debbie

09.00, Starting of today's proceedings with a lovely view of the sea and the stairwell covering. Unfortunately the juvenile moved few minutes before we started the blog, was busy calling out perched on top.

09.15, The juvenile flies in from the West and touches down on top of the stairwell covering, but not there very long disappears, re-emerging on the church roof below. Once again he disappears South on the church roof.

09.51, The camera comes into action finding one of the adults on a handrail, then finding the juvenile high up perched against the S/W turret

10.05, With lots of calling happening the young man decides to a short flight on a fleur close by him.

10.24, Once again he makes a short flight back to the S/W turret.

10.26, In comes mum with prey, starts feeding her young man.

10.37, Feeding finished, mum takes the remains of the prey onto the fleur-de-lis.

10.41,With lots more calling going on by the juvenile and adults the juvenile decides to have another flight onto the now vacant fleur-de-lis.

10.46, He's back!

11.00, That's me finished for the day, with Jack by the S/W turret. Now of for a hair cut.

12:54 The juvenile has been perched on the fleur de lis by the South West pinnacle for some time, then begins a series of short hops along the fleur de lis before dropping onto the roof. He gets down into the gulley and runs and pounces up and down, before heading back up to the fleur de lis by the pinnacle again. According to WhatsApp reports, the Falcon was perched nearby, on one of the handrails.

13:08 The juvenile has a nice shady spot now, as the sun moves round:-

13:17 The juvenile stretches his wings, and appears to be looking around and downwards.

13:26 Another slow stretch of his wings, then he turns to face the pinnacle. Not so easy to see with his back to camera.


13:30 The juvenile does a short hop to the next, and then the next fleur de lis. He stands facing the roof, holding his wings out to feel the air, then after a vigorous flap he flies down onto the roof:- At the same time, one of the parents takes off to the right of view. The juvenile has found a food remnant, and sets about eating it.

13:34 By degrees the juvenile makes his way across the roof, by way of the walkway, to end up on the ridge on the North side, where he continues to feed.

13:46 Finished with food for now, the juvenile walks along the ridge and out of sight at the bottom of picture.

14:00 Despite various sweeps with both cameras, the juvenile cannot be found. The only bird visible is perched on the South West pinnacle above the spot where the juvenile had been perched:-

14:05 Eventually he is relocated at the foot of the walkway:-

14:11 With a stretch of its wings, the juvenile stands and moves along the gulley, then hops up onto the walkway, crosses the roof, and flies up onto the third fleur de lis, then in turn to the next, and finally directly beneath what appears to be the Falcon, although subsequently it is thought to be the Tiercel, since the two birds are very similar in size:-

14:30 The juvenile has a quick preen of its leg, then retracts it like undercarriage to stand on just one. Then he goes into a more thorough preen under his left wing.

14:40 The Tiercel has an ungainly turn to face the camera, and it looked like he might take off, but did not. The juvenile stands quietly underneath:-

14:42 The juvenile had begun calling and then the Falcon arrives on the platform!:-

The juvenile gets agitated and begins calling, so perhaps there is some food

He floats over to the next fleur de lis, continuing to call.

14:46 The juvenile flies down to the Falcon on the platform, and she flies off to the left after a few seconds. Not clear if there was food involved, but after a moment or two the juvenile leaves down the right of view, then returns to the second fleur de lis, and on to his more favoured perch by the South West pinnacle.

15:00 Session ends with juvenile and Tiercel at the South West pinnacle:-

15.00 Tiercel on the SW pinnacle with the juvenile on a close by fleur de lis. Both birds still and resting. Bong Bong Bong!

15.08 Tiercel preens

15.12 Juvenile preens

15.24 Juvenile stretches wings flew to next fleur de lis, then flew towards the roof and out of shot.

15.28 Camera searched and found juvenile on apex of church roof. Wings spread to absorb the warmth from the sun. Rests and is still.

16.00 Juvenile alert as church bells Bong x4!

16.05 Adult calls persistently.

16.20 Juvenile looks around and calls.

16.22 Calling off screen and juvenile moves out of shot.

16.23 Juvenile found calling on the tiles close to the apex.

16.27 Juvenile flapped its wings and flew back to apex. Flapped again, flew upwards and landed on handrail calling loudly. (screen shot)

16.29 Flew off handrail onto fleur de lis overlooking the sea.

16.30 Flew to next and nearest fleur de lis overlooking the pier.

16.31 Flew out of sight. It was an official fledge he circled the tower accompanied by the adults.

16.34 Calling off screen

16.37 Two grey birds flew in tandem from west to east over the pier...this may not be relevant.

16.45 Off screen calling.

16.47 More calling.

16.49 Camera located two peregrines. Tiercel on SW pinnacle in the shade and the juvenile between two easterly fleur de lis in the afternoon sun.

16.54 Juvenile preens in the sunshine while the tiercel rests in the shade.

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