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Cromer Peregrine Activity Blog- 31/05/2022

Thanks to Graham and Peter for todays blog and Chris and Kim for locating the Juvenile/Chick on the camera.

06.08 The Juvenile (mature chick) now 5 weeks old is out of the nest box and making use of the great roof area to exercise and explore these are good signs of development.

09.00, Morning all, the little devil has been giving Kim a right run around this morning, now hiding under the hand rail.

09.14, She emerges from under the hand rail, makes her way to the edge of the footplate.

09.22, One of the adults starts calling out, but out of sight of the camera.

09.27, More calling out by one of the adults, persuades the juvenile to move out of sight.

09.35, Chris takes control of the camera eventually finding the juvenile perched on the south side of the church roof. One of the adults comes in with prey that is rapidly taken from it by the juvenile. Then the adult decides to leave the juvenile to it.

09.37, The juvenile once again disappears out of sight with the prey she took from her parent. But can still be heard.

09.47, She comes into view on both cameras, still busy feeding her face.

09.54, Finished eating gradually moves out of sight again, only to emerge a few minutes later on the corner camera.

10.00 Local MP Duncan Baker visits the watchpoint.

10.30, All very quiet on the Eastern front.

10.39, Henry arrives has a quick look around, then disappears a minute later.

10.48, The camera comes into action once again, eventually finding the juvenile fast asleep at the bottom of the roof.

10.51, The corner camera comes into action now to focus on the sleeping juvenile.

13:00 This session starts with chick and Falcon both in view on the same screen, albeit that they both try to disrupt the viewer by sitting and lying behind posts! The Falcon is close enough to the camera that she noticed a slight adjustment a couple of minutes ago. The chick is flat out in the background, so is not bothered either way.

13:03 The chick is apparently waking up, having had a bit of a wriggle and possibly looked up to where the Falcon is perched. For her part the Falcon is looking around, but not tracking anything at this moment.

13:07 The Falcon is actively looking around again, and the chick’s head briefly came up too. It stretches its right leg, then stands up behind the pole. The Falcon also shifts around as though preparing to take flight.

13:11 The chick has been preening, and has to shake its head to dislodge a detached downy feather which remained stuck to its head. It continues its preening, and the Falcon indulges at the same time.

13:24 The chick attempts a stretch of left wing and leg, but almost falls off the plinth which supports a handrail!. It shuffles round to the side a little to re-establish its footing. It has also improved in the practice of standing on one leg.

13:30 The chick manages a better leg stretch, then starts to move up the tiles. Meanwhile, the Falcon hops round to look at the camera again. The chick hops onto the walkway, then moves almost under the Falcon and practices some vigorous wing flapping. Sadly, as a result of this, the chick has moved out of sight below the camera view. The Falcon remains in position, and judging by her head movement, may be tracking the chick on the other side of the roof somewhere below her and to her left.

13:46 There may have been a few spots of rain, showing up on the cover where the Falcon is standing. No sign of the chick at this point.

13:52 The Falcon is watching to her right, although there is no sighting of the chick at this point. She continues her grooming. Her efforts also leave her with a feather on her face, but with a shake of her head she sends it away.

14:02 She gives a shudder and shakes her feathers to send various loose ones flying.

14:17 The Falcon suddenly bobs her head up and down, then starts looking around, up at the sky, and down to where the chick may be.

14:19 She turns, stretches her wings, then takes off and disappears over the parapet. The sun has come out.

14:22 On review, the chick, which had been behind the platform, comes into view on the right, just beyond the walkway. It moves in close to the far side of the walkway, then settles down such that it is only just visible. My thanks to Zoe for spotting that!

14:24 Meanwhile the sun has gone again, and there are one or two spots of rain where the Falcon had been standing in the main camera view.

14:41 the chick stands up and stretches its wings. Then it flaps a few times and moves up behind the platform and out of view again.

14:43 The chick re-appears on the far side of the roof again, and practices some more wing flaps, which take it down the roof and out of view again. Rain is falling harder now.

14:50 The chick suddenly appears again in the inset view, as it flaps its way up the roof and behind the platform, out of sight again!

14:57 The chick appears on the walkway just to the right of the platform, then hops up into it and stands at the back to get out of the rain.

15:00 Session ends with the chick sheltering from heavy rain in the platform.

As a postscript, at 15:34, one of the parents arrived in the sunshine with food.

17.59 The Juvenile is back in the box to roost for the night

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