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Cromer Peregrine Activity Blog- 30/05/2022

Thanks to James and Graham for todays blog

09:00 After an extensive search of the roof by Chris, the chick is found next to the corrugated box feeding on scraps. It had been seen earlier just scurrying across the roof briefly.

09:04 There is a lot of wing flapping by the chick

09:07 The chick moves onto the tiles and looks round alertly.

09:19 The chick hunkers down on the Norfolk reds.

09:48 There are a couple of adult peregrine calls off camera.

09:55 The sun shines and the chick stretches his wings momentarily.

10:00 The chick is lolling on his side and starts calling out for food suggesting an adult is nearby.

10:05 The chick nods off again.

10:07 The chick is back calling again and looking at the box area.

10:11 The chick runs off towards the top of the roof out of sight begging for food off a presumed adult nearby.

10:18 All goes quiet off screen, possibly a feed.

10:43 Sudden calling close to the sound camera calling for food again.

10:45 All goes quiet again

10:58 Camera is being repositioned and chick found in a different area on the tiles under scaffolding poles, lying on belly after a presumed feed.

11:00 Time to hand over to Graham.

11.00, Morning all, Now taking over from James with the young girl on the church roof beside some scaffolding. Next to the nest box.

11.14 The chick starts calling out, making me believe one of the adults are about, when one of the adults starts replying back.

11.30, She quickly gets up and disappears behind the nest box.

11.36, The camera comes into action and soon finds Henry feeding the chick.

11.58, Chris once again on the ball, scans the church roof to find the chick hiding behind the nest box feeding herself.

12.00 The falcon takes some prey from the cache

Photo credits Jane Crossen

12.21, Thanks to Chris for getting this lovely picture of the chick playing hide and seek once again.

12.45, All very quiet with neither the chick, Poppy and Henry in sight.

13.00, That's me finished for today. Take care of yourselves!

17.13 Both adults perch on the fleu de leis keeping a watch over the young chick (Juvenile).

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