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Cromer Peregrine Activity Blog- 28/05/2022

Thank you to todays volunteers- Graham and Mike

09.00, Good Morning! Start of another shift with the juvenile busy preening in the nest box.

09.08, once again the nest box is empty.

09.09, Back again.

0922, Poppy comes in to feed the chick

09.30, Feed finished, She leaves with the remains of the prey.

09.52, After a good feed, the juvenile falls asleep in the beautifull Cromer sun.

10.05, Thanks to Jane at the Cromer watch point for informing us that Henry is perched on the N/E pinnacle and Poppy on the N/W atm.

10.33, Juvenile still fast asleep.

10.47, Thanks to Chris for this lovely photo of Poppy sitting on top of the nest box.

11.13, In comes Poppy with no prey, just making sure the chick is ok, leaves shortly afterwards.

11.39, Thanks to the camera operator for scanning the church roof, finally finding the stunning view of Poppy perched on the West Side of the church.

12.00, The church bells start striking 12.00 with the chick busy preening.

12.10, Once again the camera starts moving anti clockwise, scanning the church roof. Stops when Poppy comes into view. Still perched on the West Side of the church.

12.27, Thanks for Chris once again, informing us that either Poppy or Henry perched on the S/W turret.

12.36, The chick decides to go for an adventure, jumps down from the nest box.

12.50, Camera comes into action trying find where the juvenile had gone, scans the roof with no joy. Finds Poppy sitting beside the nest box.

14:39 The chick is out of the box resting in the sun on the roof top

19.24 The chick returns to the nest box for the night and the Falcon is perched on the rooftop over the stairwell.

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