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Cromer Peregrine Activity Blog- 27/05/2022

Thank you to todays volunteers- Debbie, Graham, Julia and Peter

Weather this morning: Sunny with a fresh WNW breeze. Temperature 14 degrees.

9.00 Chick stands at the edge of the box watching above. It walked to the back of the box and faces away. (not quite in the corner)

9.01 Chick ran to the edge of the box and looks out. Feathers ruffling in the wind (screen shot).

9.02 Chick pecks at discarded prey. Turns away into the shade.

9.03 Chick pecks at the gravel, then walks to the edge of the box.

9.04 Chick turns away from the camera and excretes. (screen shot) Chick moves about in and out of the shade.

9.05 Chick settles centre stage in the sun.

9.05 Falcon arrives bringing another feed. Chick is fed by falcon.

9.07 Chick becomes disinterested in feed and walks away.

9.10 Chick walks under Mum's tail to the back of the box, then round to the front and back again to the back into the shade.

9.11 Falcon tears the meat to feed herself. Chick chirps but doesn't feed.

9.13 Chick takes some feed offered by mum.

9.14 Falcon leaves the box.

9.15 Chick sits centre stage and settles.

9.22 Adult calls heard off screen.

9.27 Chick hunkers down in full sun.

9.31 Chick at rest.

9.56 Chick wakes and stands up. It has a little walk about and settles centre stage facing outwards.

10.02 Falcon arrives without prey. Chick makes eye contact with Mum but stays hunkered down.

10.04 Falcon preens.

10.06 Chick gets up and faces falcon. Then they both stand facing outward.

10.07 Falcon moves to the left hand edge of the box almost out of shot, chick follows but can be seen.

10.10 Chick pecks at gravel and stretches wings. Lots of wing flapping follows.

10.12 Chick pecks at leftovers but soon discards them.

10.16 Chick pecks at gravel and scratches its face.

10.22 Chick hunkers down facing right. Falcon is still there only just visible on my screen.

10.27 Falcon flies off.

10.30 Chick aware of call from adult.

11.00 All calm and quiet as I finish my shift. Chick resting in the sunshine.

11.00, Hiya All, just taken over from Debbie with the juvenile fast asleep, back in its nest box.

11.32, Finally she awakens and stretches her wings.

11.34, That's one in the eye.

11.52, Poppy comes to keep an eye on her not so little one.

12.18, In comes dad with dinner and once again there's a tug of war, this time she wins

12.22, Quite a competent young lady now.

12.26, In comes mum this time, making sure she's eaten all her dinner.

12.44, Still there, keeping an eye

13.02. The falcon is still standing on the front SW corner of the box whilst the chick preens.

13.10. Chick is lying down asleep.

13.28. The chicks stands, stretches and collapses in a heap back to sleep. Falcon still standing at the front.

13.50. The chick looks up towards the sky, no worries mum is still there so time for some more sleep.

13.53. The falcon jumps down from the box onto the roof.

13.54. The chick stretches and spreads the wings, stands looking out of the box.

13.58. Chick is preening pulling off the white downy feathers.

14.03. Stretches the left leg behind.

14.06. The chick is lying down relaxed and dozing.

14.17. Chick wakes and stretches the wings, stands and turns full circle to face the front. A bit more preening. A white feather sticks to the beak.

14.23. Stretches the right leg, then the left whilst looking out. Preens the talons.

14.28. Chick has a scratch on the head and pulls off more downy feathers.

14.51. Chick finishes preening and lays down facing forwards.

14:48 Starting this session a few minutes early, with the chick central on the platform, busily preening in the afternoon sun. No doubt the breeze is helping with disposal of fluffy feathers once they are detached.

14:50 Having said that the chick was busy, it has now slumped forward onto the gravel, although it is watching skywards, but not calling. Relaxing with both eyes pretty much shut, it nonetheless listens and turns its head.

14:53 Eyes open, the chick is watching intently off to its right for a few moments, but its eye(and maybe both) keeps drifting shut, and then its head sinks back to the gravel.

14:59 The chick is feeling the heat, as it opens its beak a little to help with cooling. Then it starts calling in earnest and scrambles to its feet. It stands mostly in the shade now, but no more calling.

15:03 The chick stares intently at the floor for a few seconds, then has a stretch of both wings and legs, before resuming preening. A discarded feather is whipped away on the breeze.

15:06 Another stretch, first on the right, then the left, and the chick turns to face the camera and flops down on the gravel again. More or less instantly, eyes close.

15:08 The chick is looking round again, but for now remains laying down. Moments later, its head is turning again.

15:10 The chick lurches onto its feet, turns to face East (right) and drops to the ground again. It seems to swat at a fly with its wing. Now its attention turns to some skeletal remains just in front of it. It picks at the bones several times before allowing an eye to close.

15:14 There are some calls from the chick as it almost jumps to its feet, and it stands, calling quite loudly. It is probably audible to the watchpoint below! The Watchpoint reports both parents to be on top of the tower, which would explain the chick’s reaction, but they cannot hear the chick due to traffic noise.

15:19 The chick follows something intently as it goes past in the distance. It tracks right to left of its view. It stands looking off to its right (our left), but is no longer calling, and actually gets back to some active preening.

15:29 A steady stream of downy feathers float away on the breeze as the chick continues to work on its “gaiters” among other bits of plumage. A quick stretch follows, and then an energetic wing flap or three.

15:32 The chick turns and reverses carefully toward the front of the platform, then ejects two quick squirts, before turning to face front again. It picks at a stone or two, runs to the back of the platform and back again, before engaging in more energetic wing flaps. It lunges at a piece of food debris and practises pulling at it while holding it down with its claws. Now a piece of a carcass is picked up, then picked at to extract a bit of food. It practises picking a stone up in one claw and hopping along with it.

15:38 The chick has moved to front right of the platform, and seems to be looking off as if contemplating jumping down. It almost runs to the back of the platform, then as quickly comes to the front again. Now right on the parapet and calling, before eventually slipping back onto the platform. It moves quickly to its right, head bobbing vigorously, and looks off down the roof on that side.

15:42 Onto the parapet again, it is shaping up, then after a few wobbles, it jumps down out of sight of the camera, and onto the roof.

15:49 The chick returns to the platform. It flutters in and goes to the back, then moves to the right hand side, preens a little, and settles onto the gravel.

15:52 It is sitting up again and looking to its left. It then looks to its right and gives a series of rapid chirps. It seems to be following something in the air again.

15:58 The chick yawns! Exertions and excitement too much for it I suppose!

16:02 The chick watches a large fly which parades along the parapet in front of it, then watches as it takes to the air and buzzes around. The chick settles onto the gravel and its eyes start to close as it relaxes.

16:07 The chick’s eyes open and it pans slowly to its right, but of course this may be another fly. Then it looks back to its left, before its eyes start to close.

16:11 There was a brief moment of head bobbing to its left, then the chick let its head sink onto the gravel again, eyes closed.

16:19 The chick seems to give another yawn, rather than a gape. Then its eyes close again.

16:27 The gusty breeze is again lifting the chick’s tail feathers, causing it to open its eyes for a second or two, then shut again.

16:33 The chick’s head comes up and it follows something from its right to left. Then it picks at a stone. It begins calling more and more vigorously, but remains prone. Actually, its left eye is closed as it is doing this! Both eyes open now, but still not on its feet. Serious multi-tasking – standing up, stretching wing and leg, while calling at the same time!

16:37 It has moved out to the middle front of the platform while calling, but then settles down flat again, watching.

16:40 The head is bobbing again, and neck is stretched a little. It begins calling again and looking skyward. It continues to stare up, perhaps at the South-West pinnacle. The chick continues to look around.

16:45 The chick watches a fly which is walking past to its right. It yawns again, with a fly almost in front of it. A session of prone preening is started. The chick watches as a discarded feather is wafted away. The strong breeze continues to buffet the chick, and the downy feathers blow about.

16:54 The chick is watching again, this time from its right to left, then it begins calling for a few seconds. Can’t be very serious, as it soon closes its eyes again and its head drops onto the gravel.

17:00 As this last session of the day comes to an end, the chick is sprawled on the gravel at the centre front of the platform. It is watching from time to time, over to its right. Then, just to finish off, it stretches right wing and leg together while still lying down, then pulls itself upright for a spot more preening. After this it slumps back as it was before.

The Adult pair Tiercel above Falcon below. Photo credits Jane Crossen

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