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Cromer Peregrine Activity Blog- 26/04/2022

Big news the first egg is starting to hatch!!! We can see the eggs pip (when the chick starts to peck its way out of the shell using its egg tooth. It takes around 72 hours for the chick to fully hatch from the shell).

05.08am A hole is observed in one of the eggs.

09.00, Start of another beautiful day in Cromer with Poppy fast asleep facing N/E.

09.01, She awakens shuffles clockwise finally settles down facing S/E, then begins taking in stones to help with her digestion.

09.11, Another shuffle anti clockwise this time, whilst tucking her eggs as she does so.

09.32, Once again she shuffles clockwise making sure her eggs are safe beneath her, then starts taking in even more stones. Now facing West.

09.39, Can't keep up with all her shuffling, now facing South.

09.54, Preening time.

10.02, Yes! once again, now facing West.

10.20, Two red kites drifting West spotted by Jane at the Cromer W/P, Henry was alert but not overly concerned.

10.33, All quiet on the Eastern front with Poppy dozing off in the Cromer sun.

10.37, Attempted change over by Henry, but Poppy just looked at him and he soon disappeared with his tail between his legs.

10.41, More stone intake by Poppy.

11.00, Shift now over, now handing over to Richard.

11.00 Poppy may appear to be dozing but her brain is clearly on alert as she quickly focuses whenever she hears or sees anything at all.

11.04 Something externally has caught her eye. There has been a sighting of Red Kite in Cromer so maybe in the vicinity?

11.16 Some of her plumage in need of some straightening

11.20 Position change and egg shuffle

11.24 Another shuffle and change of position

11.45 And again, another shift of position

11.50 In comes Henry and it time for a change over. As she leaves we catch sight of a chipped egg indicating activity from within!!!!

11.56 Henry settles down

12.45 Poppy is back but too soon Henry clearly thinks as he is not shifting, despite her looming over him.

13.00. As I start my shift the tiercel is incubating facing the NW corner.

13.18. We are informed that the falcon is sitting on a fleur de lis next to the SE pinnacle, displaying very nicely.

The tiercel remains on incubation duty very relaxed and dozing.

13.47. He is awake and starting to shuffle around.

13.56. Looking around especially out of the box and chirping.

14.13. The tiercel is watchful again. He is keeping an eye on the roof area. A few calls. He still hasn’t changed position.

14.15. More alert again and looking out.

14.25. He is dozing.

14.30, Just taken over from Julia with Henry still incubating since 11.50 this morning. Facing N/W.

14.49, Henry starts taking in stones, then gradually rotating clockwise eventually settles facing N/E.

14.55, Once again Henry starts shuffling clockwise making sure all eggs are covered on the way, eventually settles facing East.

15.06, Henry starts calling out, then in comes Poppy to take over, she finally settles down facing North.

15.30, All very quiet with Poppy's back facing out from the nest box, the only thing moving is few of her feathers being blown about in the Cromer wind.

Talked to soon!

15.33, She's alert looking over her wing and calling out, making me think something happening.

15.36, Poppy still calling out, she not happy at all, frantically looking about, she gets up and has a look out from the nest box then quickly returns. She's still not happy gets up once again but this time she leaves, leaving the eggs unintended at 15.42.

15.44, Henry arrives sits down to incubate his three eggs, but he's not happy and starts calling out.

News from the watchpoint is that a female intruder went by and the resident Falcon chased it off. She then landed.

15.49, Thats good! Henry has calmed down now.

15.59, Change over, Poppy comes in and takes over from Henry, she strides over to her eggs and makes herself comfy facing West.

16.16, At last Poppy decides to have a change of view, manoeuvres anti clockwise and settles down racing South.

17.00, My shifts now over with Poppy fast asleep with her head resting on her back.

Thanks to all of todays volunteers- Graham, Julia, Richard and the watchpoint crew John and Jane.

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