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Cromer Peregrine Activity Blog- 22/05/2022

Updated: May 24, 2022

Thanks to todays volunteers- Graham, Debbie and Brendon

09.00, Good Morning on this beautiful Sunday morning with the chick still awake after her feed earlier, perched on the edge of the nest box.

09.30, Chick now fast asleep after her big feed.

09.46, She eventually awakens moves to the mix of the nest box and has a good old scratch.

10.00, Once again she moves this time to the back right hand corner of the box.

10.25, Very quiet since her feed with the chick occasionally moving around its nest box. That's when she's not asleep.

11.00, That's all folks, Been another very quiet shift, with the chick being home alone for the past two hours.

13.07 Falcon on SE pinnacle, Tiercel and Chick in the nest box

13.30 Tiercel lands on turret and the Falcon flies off.

13.42 Tiercel flew off in the W direction

13.48 Tiercel feeding the chick

14.08 Falcon arrives back, circles the church and lands on the SW pinnacle

14.08 Tiercel enters the nest box and sits with the chick.

14.43 Intruder alert!! Intruding peregrine circles the tower high and drifts off South (maybe a female).

14.55 Tiercel lands on SE

15.00 Chick alone in the nest box cleaning its feathers

15.11 Chick is playing with food scraps in the nest box

15. 18 Chick walking around the box

15.21 Chick is doing a lot of wing flapping

15.24 Adult calling in the background

16.00 Falcon brings in food and starts feeding the chick

16.09 She starts feeding herself

16.11 Falcon flies off

16.13 Adults calling in the background

16.28 Male on the edge with food and then flies off

16.38 Falcon returns to get some food from the nest box and hopped off the edge

16.41 Adult calling in the background

17.00 Chick chilling out in the box.

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