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Cromer Peregrine Activity Blog- 23/04/2022

Weather: light cloud, good visibility, a fresh breeze from ENE

11 degrees feels like 9 degrees.

9.00 Falcon is incubating and facing away from the camera. She has a small, white, downy feather flapping from her forehead. She is sleeping with her head low but occasionally lifts it to look about.

9.30 She is alert and looking about

9.35 She pecks at gravel

9.38 She stands and shuffles, then settles facing left

9.53 She stands, preens her chest and resettles facing left, but keeps looking about. She hunkers down and the wind ruffles the feathers on her back.

10.07 She looks around with those bright eyes

10.08 She stands and goes to the edge of the box and flies off leaving the eggs unattended

10.09 He lands into the nest box, bobs and settles facing left

10.12 He is very settled but looks about now and then

11.05. The tiercel is alert looking over his left shoulder, some chirping.

11.50. Tiercel hasn’t moved, still facing N, back to the camera.

11.55. Tiercel is not settled, bobbing around. He calls.

11.57. The falcon comes into the box, quick chat then the tiercel leaves. Falcon takes her place over the eggs facing N

12.53. She still hasn’t moved

13.43. Changeover. Tiercel enters the box and the falcon leaves heading off to the S side of the roof.

14.00. Tiercel is trying to cover the eggs, bobbing and pushing them around. Settles.

15.44. Tiercel eventually moves, shuffles and turns to face S.

16.28. Still relaxed but he is looking out towards the roof and calling.

Thanks to todays volunteers Debbie and Julia.

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