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Cromer Peregrine Activity Blog- 23/03/2022

0715hrs – The Tiercel (Henry) is sitting in the scrape covering the egg awake and alert but appears calm.

0722hrs – He is suddenly standing and alert looking up into the sky at something but soon settles again.

0748hrs – no change, he is still settled covering the egg.

0758hrs - As the Tiercel stands briefly in the scrape to reposition it’s clear to see he has the talons on his left foot closed in order not to damage the egg, it’s at this point I notice he’s not straddling and siting directly over it, more covering with his left side and wing.

0811hrs – a repeat of 0758hrs

0825hrs – he’s up and appears ready to take flight but soon settles again

0840hrs – he’s now up and has walked forward, he’s alert and observing his domain. He quite soon turns with his back to the camera settling in the scrape covering the egg.

0853hrs – suddenly he’s alert again, repositions and has a shuffle about in the scrape.

0855hrs – it appears something has startled or concerned him, all of a sudden, he’s up and standing on the edge of the box so we get a clear view of the egg. 30 secs later he’s settling back down again but before very long he’s up standing towards the front of the box all puffed out, breathing heavily giving a great view of both him and the egg. It’s rather like he’s on sentry duty.

0900hrs – the formal blog commences, as this happens Henry settles again in the scrape facing away from the camera.

8:47 Another bright sunny morning, and the Tiercel has been sitting on the egg for some time now. He was facing out of the box, but has rotated and currently has his back to the camera. The Falcon is apparently perched on the North –East turret.

8:53 Tiercel stands up, shuffles and shakes a bit, then settles back in more or less the same position.

8:55 He is up off the egg, then back again, then up and restless, standing near the front of the platform. This allows a view of the marvelously mottled, red-brown egg.

9:00 The Tiercel was standing in the sun toward the front of the platform, after a stint of sitting on the egg, but has settled back, facing East, now half in the sun. Fairly alert at the moment. He also has a fragment of feather on the end of his beak, presumably from some earlier preening.

9:15 The Tiercel is quite alert, scanning around as if the Falcon might be nearby. He re-positions himself and moves the egg round, before settling again, now facing South, straight out of the platform.

9:27 Tiercel is suddenly standing up and very alert, looking all around. He had been relaxing, almost to the point of dozing. Finally he settles back down, facing South again. Still alert though.

9:31 The Tiercel’s head is up again.

9:35 The Tiercel is suddenly calling, presumably having seen the Falcon somewhere nearby. He does not move from the egg though, and remains facing more or less South.

9:44 Tiercel gets up from the egg, and moves to the front of the platform. Stretches a little then takes off. The falcon comes in and inspects the egg. She shuffles around, and settles facing East. Thinking back to the recent similar pose of the Tiercel, and the size difference is quite obvious now!

9:50 The Falcon sets about some careful preening of tail feathers, then stands up, shuffles the egg a little, and settles facing South. She pecks at small stones in front of her. Also fortunate for her at the moment, the shadow of the South-East turret is across the platform, so she is currently in the shade.

9:54 Further stone picking appears to be building the side of the scrape directly in front of her.

9:55 Stone picking has gone far enough that the Falcon is now standing near the front of the platform. She eventually stops that and returns to the egg, now facing East. Some more stone picking follows.

9:57 The Falcon looks skywards, then watches back over her shoulder at something off camera. She is quite alert, and beak movements suggest she might be calling.

9:59 The Falcon stands up near the front of the platform. She is watching the sky.

10:01 After surveying the sky for a few moments, the Falcon resumes sitting on the egg, again facing East, but still not completely relaxed.

10:06 The Falcon rises up to allow access to some preening of her chest, then settles back briefly facing North-East. She continues the rotation until she settles again facing roughly South-West, her snowy feathers glowing in the sun.

10:09 More stone picking. Off the egg and into the North-West corner this time.

10:12 Stone picking over, the Falcon returns to the egg, facing East. The shadow of the turret is no longer providing shade, so she is now more fully in the sun.

10:17 The Falcon is still quite alert, watching the sky, although she also seems relaxed enough to do a bit of half-brain sleeping!

10:25 Time for another inspection of the egg, a quick nudge to move it round, then the Falcon settles back down, now facing more or less South toward the camera.

10:34 The Falcon opens her beak wide, as if trying to regurgitate something, but only does it once. She remains largely relaxed, although she snaps awake in an instant to stare off to the West.

10:40 Falcon suddenly alert and looking around, although maybe it was a bee that flew past! Further preening action.

10:45 She is very watchful, looking fixedly up and to her right. No calling apparent, so what is holding her attention is not clear.

10:47 Falcon gets up from the egg, and moves forward. She continues to look up to her right, but again, no calling involved.

10:50 As she stands in the sun, the Falcon takes the opportunity for some more preening.

10:52 Preening over for now, the Falcon returns to the egg, stands over it while inspecting the scrape, then settles back down, now facing roughly South-East (exploring all the points of the compass today it seems!).

11:00 As this session comes to an end, the Falcon is sitting on the egg, fairly watchful, in the sun.

11.00. As I take over from Peter the falcon is laying over there 1st egg, facing forwards and intently looking around her. 11.04. She is more relaxed now with both eyes closed, only opening a eye to glance around occasionally. 11.19. Something catches her attention, she is alert and looking around and upwards. 11.24. Falcon stands, shuffles and lays down spreading her wings, she is panting, must be getting hot up there. 11.29. Shuffles and lifts her tail like a fan. 11.32. Stands to face the back right corner with her beak wide open. 11.34. Turns to face the back left corner. 11.40. Still standing over the egg she spreads her wings outwards creating more shade.

11.49. Turns to face the front and settles over the egg. 12.04. Stands up and spreads her wings, turns to face the back. 12.06. She settles over the egg again facing left (west) 12.22. She is pecking at gravel. 12.23. Stands and turns 360 spreads her wings a little, egg in front of her. She looks all around. 12.27. She pushes the egg and settles over it facing towards the back, her wings are outstretched. She stands up almost immediately then settles down again. 12.30. Still unsettled she is on the move again stretching out her wings. 12.33. Change over. The tiercel arrives and the falcon moves forward, waits a while on the front edge then drops down. Tiercel settles over the egg facing the back left corner.

12.38. The tiercel leaves the box. 12.48. Tiercel returns to the box and settles down over the egg. 12.56. The screen freezes for a minute leaving a shot of the tiercel looking at the egg.

15:00 Male stands up exposing egg and perches on right side front of box and starts preening

15:11 Male back on egg with back to camera.

15:20 Alert and checking out the pesky flies that are flying round head.

15:30 Rotating clockwise and sitting on the egg at right angles.

15:41 Male becomes alert, stands up on edge of box and calls out repeatedly. Egg exposed.

15:43 Male leaves box and flies off south.

15:46 Female arrives and settles on egg with tail to camera.

15:48 Female pecks gravel and moves off egg

15:51 Egg turned

15:52 Female picks up a particular stone and tries to swallow it several times. Still not sitting on egg

15:54 Female alert and stands at front looking all around

15:56 Female moves to perch on front of box looking west on left side

16:01 Female finally settles on egg.

16:34 Female stands up, moves egg and settles with back to camera

16:37 then further anticlockwise rotation so she can see out of box in between snoozing.

17:00 We leave with female sitting peacefully on her egg in late afternoon sunshine.

A big thank you to todays amazing volunteers for bringing us this blog: Rachel Rickett, Julia I, Peter Ducker and James Savage.

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