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Cromer Peregrine Activity Blog- 21/04/2022

9:00 A new day is under way, and the Falcon is on the eggs, mostly in shadow, and facing away from the camera. Thanks to fellow watcher Julia, who confirmed that the Falcon had taken over at 8:38am. Another bright sunny morning.

9:17 She has been very still, head down, for several minutes, with just occasional slight shuffles of her feet, but has just looked round once or twice, and is now staring out from the back of the platform. Eventually, she settles back down in the same position as before.

9:20 The Falcon’s head comes up, and she checks over her shoulder again. No other signs of activity at this point.

9:50 After a long spell of being relatively still, the Falcon’s body begins to move around, and it is apparent that she is picking at stones in the back of the platform. Her tail presses onto the gravel as she reaches out in front of her. This could be leading to her foraging far enough to get off the eggs. And as I write that, one of the eggs appears from under her tail!

9:56 Foraging appears to be over, and she shuffles back onto the eggs, now facing West.

10:12 The Tiercel arrives. They have a brief conversation, and then he leaves again! The Falcon watches him go, and continues to look for several moments, before resuming her previous pose.

10:16 The Falcon, still mostly in shadow, is closing her left eye at least, quite relaxed.

10:31 She is more alert, head turning as she looks about, and maybe calling too.

10:34 The Watchpoint reports that the Tiercel is on the South-East turret. This perhaps explains the Falcon’s being alert.

10:39 A visiting fly has the Falcon’s interest for a couple of seconds, as it buzzes around in front of her.

10:43 She must be almost asleep, as her head droops towards the stones.

10:45 The Falcon is more awake now, and picks at one or two stones, just looking for the right one!

10:48 The stone picking drew her off the eggs briefly, but she soon returned and settled, facing more toward the camera, her head in the sunshine.

10:51 She had her left eye closed, but was watching the sky with her right, her head tipped on one side.

11:00 This session ends with the Falcon sitting in the sun, quite relaxed, facing the camera, both eyes closed, but evidently listening.11.11. The tiercel enters the box. They have a conversation but the falcon is not budging.

11.13 He is still standing waiting.

11.15. Still no movement. She ignores him and closes her eye.

11.16. More conversation between them, he moves towards the back.

11.17. The tiercel eventually gives up and leaves the box. She shuffles and moves the eggs.

11.20. She is still shuffling them around then settles facing W.

The watch point reports that the tiercel is on the south parapet next to the south pinnacle.

11.32. She moves forward towards the NW corner pecking at gravel, turns and settles facing SE

11.41. Dozing in the sun.

11.49. She is having a good look around then rests with her right eye closed.

11.53. She is up rearranging the eggs, turning them carefully, settles facing W

12.14. The watch point reports that the tiercel has flown off, could be heading for the box.

In flies the tiercel. The falcon is happy to leave straight away. He stands over his prize for a moment watching the falcon at the front of the box. He then takes his position covering them to face W.

12.17. He shuffles and makes himself more comfortable, he is chirping to the eggs.

12.18. Watch point reports the falcon is now on the SW drainage spouts.

12.30. Something disturbed the tiercel waking him. He is very alert looking upwards and around. He calls.

12.40. Now relaxed an dozing.

12.49. He is starting to pant now, a big yawn, left eye closed.

12.56. He stands, shuffles and continues to incubate his eggs, now facing N. He rearranges the eggs once more then settles.

13.00 Tiercel has been incubating since 12.14. Settled, facing the rear of the box.

13.11 Disturbed briefly by a fly in the box.

13.12 Alert and watchful briefly then dozing.

13.36 Falcon tucked in on the south face besides the south east turret

13.42 Turned the eggs and changed position, facing rear left. Alert and observant briefly then pecking the gravel.

13.47 Repositioned eggs again, bobbing and shuffling until he was facing to the rear right then remained settled and dozing.

14.40 Shuffled and repositioned eggs. Now facing to the right.

14.48 Briefly alert then resumed dozing.

14.56 Shuffles, bobs and repositions eggs returning to facing the rear of the box.. Alert and looking round briefly then resumed dozing.

15.00 Shift ends, a very quiet afternoon.

16.00 Male sitting on eggs facing the back of the box and pecking stones.

01 Lifts head and turns slightly to the left.

3-4 Alert but still

6 turns head slightly and looks out of box side on without moving rest of body.

8 still with eyes shutting for a few seconds.

9 -11 Alert and moves head with another side on glance.

12 pecking at stones

13 he gets up and turns round. Brief view of eggs. Settles down facing right but looking out of box.

16-17 still alert and looking out.

19 opening and closing eyes.

22 alert but still.

23 closing eyes on and off.

27male alert - - change over - in comes female and male flies off straight away. She re arranges a few things and then hunkers down and faces the back of the box.

30 alert

31 settles and is still until

42 stone pecking and turns round to face out of box and then still again.

49 same position but alert

51 stands up , checks eggs, sits down but looking very alert as looking out of box

53 closes eyes

57 pecking stones and appearing to call?

59 shuffles, checks eggs and then sits facing right but still alert and looking out of box.

Thanks to todays volunteers- Peter, Graham, Jan, Julia and Sue

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1 commentaire

Jonathan Anderson
Jonathan Anderson
21 avr. 2022

Whilst on the watchooint, a Red Kite was seen by both Andrew and myself at 1233.That was likely what caught the fiercely attention.

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