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Cromer Peregrine Activity Blog- 18/05/2022

Thank you to Jan for todays blog.

06.42 The Falcon is in the nest box with the chick

15.00 Chick lying down in the left corner at the back of the box, in deep shade.

15.37 He stands, turns, mutes towards the front of the box, then turns again, facing the camera and moving into the sun. He begins to preen, his chest, rump, and tail then pecks at the BTO ring on his foot and preens for several minutes. Lots of pin feathers are now visible on his wings.

During this time the tiercel is on the Fleur de Lis by the NE turret and the falcon on the SE turret.

15.45 Chick lies down in semi-shade. After a few minutes he stands, stretches losing his balance then moves to the rear of the box and lies down in the shade.

15.56 It sounds as if 2 peregrines are calling and a few minutes the falcon lands on the platform where she stays with the chick for some time.

16.04 The chick starts preening again.

16.08 She tries to cover the chick as he moves close to her but she stands on him!

Chris has a good screen shot of this.

16.10 The chick starts calling quietly for food then walking around the platform.

He stretches and loses his balance again.

16.17 The chick continues to call intermittently and also moves closer to the falcon.

16.24 Both move to the rear of the platform, the chick continuing to call and then pecking at food remnants.

16.27 The calls are getting more persistent and louder.

16.36 The chick lies down at the rear of the platform, in the corner.

16.38 The falcon moves to the front and then flies off. Peregrines can be heard calling.

16.54 The chick stretches and stands, preens briefly then returns to the back right corner.

17.52 Tiercel plucks his prey.

He then feeds it to the chick

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