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Cromer Peregrine Activity Blog 14/05/2022

Updated: May 16, 2022

It was another beautiful sunny day in Cromer and we had over 200 visitors to the Watchpoint where we had fantastic views of both adults. Thanks to Andrew, watching online and Mike and Julia who were at the Watchpoint, for today's activity blog.

1100 Poppy in box, standing over chick which is lying down. Remains of prey just in front of them.

1102 Chick fidgeting quite a lot.

1119 Chick fidgeting lightly.

1127 Chick stretching wings.

1134 Falcon preening.

1136 Chick sits up and preeens. Poppy wanders about picking at gravel.

1141 Falcon leaves box. Chick preens unconcernedly.

1146 Chick lying back down.

1147 Chick stretches wings and stands up briefly.

1156 Chick up and preening.

11.58 The tiercel, who has been sitting on the south of the tower, watching the steady flow of of people hustling and bustling through the streets, flies off, over the tower to the North West. soon returns with a small item of prey which he begins to pluck in front of the gathering crowd at the Watchpoint.

1206 Chick shuffles to left of view and stretches wings. Now standing and looking around.

1209 Henry is back in box with prey. Then Poppy comes in the feed chick. Henry leaves. He flies back to the south of the church, keeping an eye again on the street below.

1214 Falcon moves prey to back of box where it is shadow. Can’t make it out, but looks like last pickings of something. Falcon leaves box but remains close by on the top of the church tower.

1216 Chick preening and stretching wings.

1220 Henry back in with larger prey and starts feeding chick.

1224 Henry takes a few mouthfuls of his own.

1226 Henry leaves with prey and returns to his favoured south side today.

1227 Chick walks a couple of paces without holding wings out.

1230 Chick stands up and has a flap. Poppy comes back in.

1232 Poppy pick at prey remains at front of box.

1233 Chick flaps and defecates. Starts picking at prey remains as well. Copying mum?

1235 Chick settles down in far right corner.

1239 Poppy and chick have a good shuffle around.

1243 Chick lies down. Poppy has a preen.

1248 Poppy having a snooze.

1251 Both Mum and chick having snooze.

1252 Chick defecates up back wall and has a shuffle round and an call.

1254 Chick has a preen.

1257 Chick lies back down.

13.28 From the watch point (WP) the tiercel can be seen sitting on the SE pinnacle, just the tail visible from the Museum end. Another telescope is set up opposite the church door where there is a better view.

13.40 The chick is in the box alone. It has a full crop and is flat out asleep.

13.55 The falcon leaves the nest box and chick is reported to be on the handrail by the SW turret.

14.06 The chick is still alone in the box.

14.15 Tiercel is sitting on the SE pinnacle while the falcon is on the SW. People stop to view both adults through the amazing scopes, supplied by Viking optics as we answer questions and help explain their story.

14.31 The chick sits up and looks out of the box. It preens under its wings for a short while. It tries to walk but falls over its feet and lays down facing West.

14.55 The tiercel goes into the nest box. Meanwhile the falcon stretches her wings giving a wonderful flying display around the church tower for a few minutes wowing the visitors at the Watchpoint. She lands on top of the SE pinnacle showing brilliantly.

15.35 Falcon is now sitting on the ledge of the SW pinnacle.15.38. Falcon leaves and returns quickly with prey landing on the SW water pipe. She plucks, looks like starling, feathers flying.

15.42 Tiercel can be heard calling.

15.43 Falcon flies off with a little bit of prey and appears to take it down onto the roof. Soon afterwards we were privileged to watch another flying display from her as she glided around the church tower.

15.45. The tiercel sits on the Fleur de lis next to the SE pinnacle. The falcon lands on the SW.

15.50 As the WP closes the falcon flies again and decides she wants to sit on the Fleur de lis occupied by the tiercel. She approaches and the tiercel has to leave. He returns to sit just below her on the ledge.

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