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Cromer Peregrine Activity Blog- 03/06/2022

Thank you to today's volunteers- Julia

11.40 the Juvenile practises wing flapping on the crenelation as the Falcon watches over.

12.30. The chick is hiding in the west side gutter behind the walkway.

12.50. The chick takes off along the gutter and is found lying down on the roof of the SW corner

13.07. The chick stands, looks towards the centre of the roof, poos and jumps forward, runs off out of sight.

13.09. The camera finds the chick on the ridge. It goes to the edge and hops up onto the fleur de lis. Thanks to Peter and Graham for checking the rewind we find that this is not the first time. The first recorded hop up was this morning at 4.50 followed by another at 5.21.

13.11. It watches the people on the pier. There is some wing flapping. It turns and jumps down dropping back onto the roof. The inset view shows mum watching.

13.12. The chick runs towards the walkway where it can be heard calling. Once the camera catches up mum can just be seen underneath the walkway.

13.23 Both mum and chick are having a good preening session.

13.40. Preening now over. The chick stretches it’s wings and then the right leg.

13.43. The chick stretches it’s left leg, turns and stretches the wings. A jump down onto the roof and heads off out of view. Mum has also disappeared from view.

13.56. Applause for the camera operators for finding the chick in this corner. Spot the peregrine.

14.26 - 14.29. Plenty of loud adult calling. The chick is woken up and stands to look around. Not worried it scratches its head and preens the talons.

14.38. The chick is still preening.

14.50. The tiercel flies in with large prey and the chick rushes over to join him. Dad proceeds to feed the youngster.

14.53. During the feed the falcon is seen flying over them towards the E. The male looks up at her and continues to feed the noisy chick.

14.57. Chick walks away and the dad feeds himself. The chick wanders back for a bit more then dad moves the prey to one side.

15.00. Dad takes the prey to the handrail …

and flies off between the fleur de lis towards the east.

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