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Cromer Peregrine Activity Blog- 03/04/2022

0900: Tiercel incubating eggs. Looks relaxed,

0908: Tiercel pecking at gravel. Has shifted position to face right. Looking around, alert.

0927: Tiercel relaxed and occasionally shutting eye in view.

0930: Tiercel alert and looking around.

0932: Beak open, possibly calling.

0935: Tiercel stood and is gently rolling eggs. Resettles back down.

0951: Tiercel relaxed and asleep.

0955: Falcon comes in and Tiercel flies out sharpish. Falcon settles on eggs facing back of nest box.

1000: Falcon alert, looking around.

1013: Falcon shuffles round on eggs and is now facing left.

1019: Falcon alert, looking around. Suddenly she is standing on edge of nest box and calling, then flies off leaving eggs. A bit dramatic!

1023: Tiercel comes back and takes time to shuffle eggs about and settle down to incubate.

1026: Tiercel shuffling about slightly.

1034: Tiercel facing back of box with head down, occasionally looking up over his shoulder.

1046: Tiercel shuffling around a bit.

1049: Tiercel alert and looking around.

1053: Tiercel slightly higher up on eggs and alert.

1055: Disturbed by fly

1058: Tiercel slowly closing and opening eye on view. Seem to be a few flies around.

1100: end of shift.

11.00 Tiercel incubating at a jaunty angle facing away and slightly left

11.10 Very settled, awake and some looking behind

11.17 Falcon arrives, tiercel flies off, she settles facing away from the camera

11.38 She looks about intently

11.40 She sees a fly but ignores it

11.43 She continues to look behind her, basking in full sun

12.09 She sees another fly buzz by and pecks at gravel

12.11 She turns eggs and resettles facing left

12.40 Alert but still

12.41 Gravel moving

12.45 She turns the eggs and resettles herself at a jaunty angle facing away from the camera and slightly right

1.16 Gravel pecking

1.17 She turns the eggs and resettles facing away from the camera

1.19 Tiercel returns, he stands close by her, they look at each other and after a moment or two when she makes no movement, he flies off

1.46 She shuffles and settles facing to the left

1.48 A fly disturbs her sleep briefly

1.56 She reshuffles and settles facing away from the camera

14.06. The tiercel flies in. Falcon slowly gets up and relinquishes her position exposing the 3 eggs. The tiercel approaches and shuffles carefully over them to face W

14.08 He shuffles himself using his bobbing action and settles facing E

14.25. Disturbed by a bluebottle which he follows round and round with his beak.

14.35. Still very relaxed lying in the sun with his right eye closed, just occasionally taking a peep.

14.37. There is that fly again.

14.42. That fly is still being annoying - doesn’t it know who it’s messing with.

14.56. He repositions himself to face the back of the box.

15.00 Male incubating 3 eggs

15.01 Male preening whilst incubating

15.06 Male spots a fly

15.26 Male looks around and makes a little call

15.30 Male goes onto the edge and flies off and Female arrives to incubate

16.08 Falcon flies off and male returns to incubate the 3 eggs

16.24 Male shuffles to turn the eggs

16.38 Male stays put and spots a feather

17.00 Male remains incubating the 3 eggs.

Thank you to all the volunteers for todays blog: Brendon, Julia, Debbie and Andrew

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