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Cromer Peregrine Activity Blog- 01/04/2022

09.00, Start of another webcam watch with Henry busy incubating his three eggs when he came in and took over from Poppy at 08.31.

09.15, Henry becoming very agitated, looking around and calling out by the look of his beak movements but hasn't moved with back still facing the camera.

10.00, All quiet on the Eastern front.

10.29, Henry has a little shuffle of his body to make himself a bit more comfy.

10.51, Another shuffle, back into the same position.

10.59, Been a very quiet 2 hours with Henry hardly moving, only occasionally moving his head to see what's going on around him.

11.00, Now handing over to Debbie.

11.00 Tiercel incubating, facing away from the camera and frequently looking about

11.05 He has a quick shuffle and resumes former position

11.15 Frequent looking behind

11.24 Agitated looking about and beak movements (which may have produced sound)

11.44 His back half is in the sun and continues to look behind him

11.47 He swiftly turns the eggs and resettles facing to the right

11.53 He is alert and bright eyes look outward

12.01 He settles and sleeps

12.09 Falcon flies in, he moves away from the eggs and takes off. She quickly settles facing away from the camera to incubate

12.31 She looks behind and is highly alert

12.34 She resettles

12.35 Looking behind again

12.36 Resettles

12.43 Alert and looking about

12.53 She rearranges some pieces of gravel

12.54 She turns the eggs and resettles facing left

13.00, Now taking over from Debbie, with Poppy fast asleep incubating her three eggs facing the back of the nest box.

13.17, Henry arrives to the nest box to take over from Poppy but she wasn't going to have any of it and didn't budge, she eventually settles facing the right hand side of the nest box.

13.39, Henry returns again for another attempt to take over, once again he's given his marching orders.

13.54, Poppy has another shuffle about, faces the back of the box for a second then settles facing the right hand side of the box once again.

14.27, Another change of position for Poppy, now facing the back of the nest box.

14.29, in comes Henry, this time he's successful makes his way to the eggs, settles down facing the left hand side of the box.

14.40, Time for Henry to have a change of view, now facing in the opposite direction.

15.00, Now handing over to Val with Henry busy incubating his three eggs.

15.00 The Tiercel is asleep on the eggs, facing north, with the wind ruffling his feathers. Occasionally he opens an eye and has a brief look around, but all is well so he settles back to sleeping. 15.04 He is suddenly wide awake and alert, looking around. Maybe the Falcon is nearby.

15.05 He is pecking at the gravel in front of him.

15.06 He shuffles about and is now facing into the back of the box (west), where he dozes off once more.

15.10 He is looking round towards the front of the box, before relaxing once more

15.19 He again looks round as though he has heard something, but soon settles again. 15.29 He stands up and gently turns the eggs - they are all different colours and are very beautiful. He then wriggles about for a moment to make sure the eggs are being brooded properly. He is now facing north east out of the box.

15.32 He leans over his right shoulder to preen under his wings. Then he stands up again and after a bit of bobbing up and down once more settles onto the eggs, now facing north again. What a fidget!

15.47 Sound asleep now.

15.51 Alert and maybe calling.

15.56 Sitting resting

16.01 The Falcon arrives in the box and they have a few moments greeting each other face to face. She then wanders off to the north side of the box, while he remains on the eggs, apparently chirruping softly.

16.02 She departs again.

16.08 As the shadows move across the box he is dropping off to sleep when the Falcon arrives with a thud. He continues to sit tight, chirruping, while she stands over him.

16.09 As he seems reluctant to leave his post, she approaches him, and there is more beak to beak contact, but he still won't budge.

16.10 She makes her way to the south side of the box and then appears to depart, leaving the Tiercel asleep on the eggs.

16.33 The Tiercel moves the eggs before snuggling back down onto them and going into a deep sleep

16.46 He wakes with a start., but soon returns to sleep mode.

17.00 He is still sleeping as I sign off.

Thank you to todays volunteers: Graham, Debbie and Valerie

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