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Cromer have their first egg of the season!

Cromer Peregrines blog – Saturday 25th March 2023

We are delighted to announce the exciting news that our first egg was laid at 0736 hrs this morning.

We are very grateful to our willing volunteers Julia & Debbie C for covering the blog for us at such short notice.

At 0900 hrs the tiercel (male) was laying over the egg where he stayed until ...

1026 hrs when calling can be heard. The falcon (female) is seen coming onto the church roof where she makes her way to the box. They face each other and make bowing movements and ‘chat’ for a while.

1028 The tiercel (male) leaves and the falcon (female) remains, during which time we are given a great view of the egg.

1040 hrs the falcon (female) is sitting to one side of the egg looking out of the box. The egg looks a good colour.

1052 hrs She lays covering the egg and settles facing to the left, West. The photo shows our first view of mum in a good light.

1128 hrs the tiercel can be heard calling. He must be close to the box but not in view.

1131 hrs the tiercel calls and the falcon responds with chirps. A short conversation between them.

1159 hrs the tiercel calls a couple of times, The falcon looks up as he flies over. She stands in the scrape partially showing the egg. That’s a deep hole.

1206 hrs the falcon is chirruping away. The tiercel responds as he lands on the roof.

1210 hrs she is still watching him.

1211 hrs he moves out of view, she looks down at the egg and chirps.

1223 hrs she shuffles back down onto the egg settling facing left (West) while looking out of the box.

1245 hrs she turns and repositions herself over the egg, now facing right (East).

1300 hrs Just as I settle to watch, my first of the season, the tiercel flies in. The falcon stands to show the beautiful rusty coloured egg and off she goes. He squawks and looks about.

1302 hrs the tiercel (male) bobs and settles into the scrape facing to the right (East)

1313 hrs he stands up and looks around then soon settles back on the egg.

1343 hrs the Tiercel chirrups and looks about.

1345 hrs he rests with eyes closed while the wind blows and the rain beats down.

1411 hrs the sun is out again.

1416 hrs he changes position and faces away to the left (West).

1458 hrs Just as my slot finishes, the falcon arrives back. He stands up and flies off without delay.

1500 hrs the falcon (female) goes straight to the egg and settles to incubate. She preens a bit as the church bell dongs three o'clock.

Blog ends for the day.

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