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CPP Saturday- 15/04/2023

11:10 Falcon incubates the 3 eggs.

11:35 Male chased of gull, flying East.

11:48 Male returns to SE pinnacle.

The Tiercel- Photo credits Jane Crossen

12:07 Male flies around the spire NW before going into the nest box. He takes over incubation duties from the female, she flies out and flies SE (out of view).

12:18 The female comes into the nest box.

12:35 Female is visible on the S face of the church.

13:35 Female disappeared out of view.

13:38 Female comes in to the box, she stands for a few minutes before changing over with the male. The male lands on the NW pinnacle.

14:05 Incubation change over Male goes into the nest box and gives the female some nest relief.

14:20 Falcon on the box incubation change over.

15:22 Male flies around the spire but returns to the West giving the public great views from the watchpoint.

Thank you to todays volunteers- Mike Harmer and Jane Crossen.

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