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CPP- Friday 14/04/2023

0900: Shift starts with female on eggs. She is in shadow, facing south west and has her head down, relaxed.

0922: Female alert and pecking at gravel

0924: Fly buzzes briefly around, closely followed by the female.

0925: She half stands to peck at gravel then shuffles about, repos eggs. Calling heard.

0927: She settles down on eggs, facing east.

0933: Female alert.

0950: She has been snoozing for a while now.

0952: She is suddenly alert and looking around.

0958: She is relaxed again.

1008: She spends the next few minutes alternating snoozing with alertness.

1026: She follows fly around with her head before going back to snoozing.

1043: Make enters box and after a bit of squawking, the female leaves and the male settles down on eggs.

1100: Shift ends with male on eggs and snoozing.

1100 hrs Tiercel on eggs in shade and facing to the right

1125 hrs Tiercel bobs and resettles. It turns dark overhead and there is a short rain shower

1151 hrs He changes position slightly, shuffles to get comfortable and faces away. Rain stopped and the sun shines into the scrape at times

1154 hrs

1217 hrs Chirrups heard, he stands up walks to edge of scrape and flies off around the church, leaving eggs unattended

1218 hrs

1219 hrs The chirruping continues offscreen and then Falcon flies in and settles quickly over the eggs, facing right

1220 hrs She looks about and resettles

13.00 hrs She is alert and watching with her head tilting to see keep an eye on the Tiercel.

1302 hrs

13:07 Tiercel landed on the NE pinnacle and then took off.

13:32 Tiercel seen to NE of church in flight.

13:38 A gull flies close to the tower and the Falcon is very alert in the nest box.

15:15 Tiercel lands on W side of NE pinnacle.

Thank you to today's bloggers- Andrew and Debbie and Bev, Hugh, Colin, Mark and John on the watchpoint.

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